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Freedom Make up London Haul

Hi Dolls,

So recently i’ve been totally dolly rockin lovin Freedom Make Up and Makeup Revolution.

Both brands offer really fantastic makeup at really affordable prices.  But there are some real stand out products for me from both companies.

Make up revolution offer fantastic eyeshadow, highlight and blush palettes that are so pigmented and absolutely stunning and they offer really good dupes for high end products – and as a mother I don’t have much disposable income to spend on expensive make up so this makes a good compromise and keeps me happy as it doesn’t break the bank.

Recently Freedom makeup has stolen my love on the ‘Brows on point’ front with their newly released ‘Brow pomade’….and wow, just wow! This stuff is amazing! It is a clear dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade – but that’s what makes it so fantastic at just £5 a pot it rivals the more expensive brand hands down and not only just based on price, it has the strong staying power too.


With a brilliant selection of colours to find your perfect brow shade there really is a shade for everyone. I did some research on Instagram to find some swatches to help me decide what shade to order, and I opted for Chocolate and medium brown – as at only £5 each I was happy to order two colours to find my perfect match – and let’s face it, I dye my hair so often its good to have different shades on standby to switch it up when needed!




Brows really do make such an incredible difference in framing your face, and I never leave the house without a carefully sculpted brow! The picture below shows one brow with / one without and I think it speaks volumes about your brow game!


So Dolls, I can’t recommend this product enough, save your pennies on the high end products and try this little beauty instead! I love it so much I have ordered a couple of other shades in preparation for lighter hair I’m planning on this year!

This product works best with a fine artists paint brush (yes that’s sounds odd but its true – it helps to add in more natural strokes to look like hair) or a small angles brush. It’s really workable and doesn’t dry too quickly so you have some time to play about. It’s also ideal if like me, you sadly and embarrassingly over plucked your brows as a teenager! I’m trying to grow my brows back in….but its a long, lengthy and not particularly pretty process!


I also ordered the Freedom Pro Contour Kit in the shade medium, and this is well pigmented and great for those who love to contour with powder rather than cream contours. I found this to be quite blendable but you really don’t need much of it at all!


I thought this was a great duo contour compact that would be ideal to pop in your bag for any touch ups throughout the day.

As this was my first Freedom make up order I also got a 20% discount which was great as their products are already such a good price. And Freedom kindly sent me a free pro highlighter with my order! It girls let me tell you…it’s Amazing!


The Pro Studio brush shower was my final item on the order.  Freedom Pro Studio Antibacterial Brush Shower is an instant brush cleanser specially formulated to keep your makeup brushes clean and free from bacteria. This effective spray instantly disinfects, prolonging the life of your brushes. I used this today before a full brush cleaning process. I’m not sure I would re-purchase this one however, they offer another brush cleaning product called ‘Brush Bath’ which is a sanitising brush cleanser and meant to take all the hassle out of brush cleaning which has absolutely fantastic reviews and I’m definitely adding this bad boy to my next freedom order as lets face it dolls – brush cleaning is DULL!


So…all in all i’m over the moon to have tried the Freedom make up products and some of them such as their highlights and of course their brow pomade will remain firmly within reaching distance on my vanity table!

Go check out their products Dolls!

Please leave me your feedback and follow my Blog and also come and find me on Instagram: dollyrockinbeauty

Much Love imagesPFDFZARF

Jo @ Dolly Rockin Beauty

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