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fLash Eye Lash Serum Review

Hi Dolls,

So a couple of months ago the guys at fLash kindly sent me one of the fLash eye lash serums to use and review. IMG_3647

Sadly I’m not naturally blessed with long lashes (sob sob) so I often rely on falsies to give me that long lash effect, however, this can be expensive not to mention fiddly trying to get those little suckers to stay on and to apply them well.

So I figured that maybe I was going about this all the wrong way and the best plan would be to try and harvest and grow my own lil lashes and see if I could achieve that gorgeous long lash look but still maintaining a natural look.

So there are quite a few well known lash growth serums on the market but Flash Eyelash serum popped up on my insta and I was sold straight away and wanted to give it a go!

Once I received my lash serum I really wanted to give it a fair trial before I did a blog post review on it, to give my honest opinion on the product and evidence my results to give people a true account of how it did or didn’t work for me.

fLash is a lash conditioning serum with a powerful promise it states that you can get long, sexy curled lashes fast and they are so sure that you will love the product so much that they even offer a 90 day Money-back guarantee!

The serum is Physician formulated and tested and its safe for sensitive eyes and can even be used on contact lens wearers.

So my thoughts….Initially I was unrealistically hoping for fast results, but actually if I’m honest it took me a while to get into the hang of adding this into my daily routine – so once I starting using it every day, gliding the serum wand across my lash line I felt I was really taking this lash journey more seriously and I started to notice subtle results after about a month.

More than length I noticed my lashes started to feel fuller and as I had been using a certain type of mascara which I love, its a really hard mascara to take off and would often pull my lashes out when taking it off in the evening so I ended up with some bold patches! (to my horror)

So I noticed that my bold patches were growing back much much faster and also my eyebrow hair started growing faster too as I would put some in some areas of my over plucked brows that I’m trying to grow out.

I’m now in my second month of application and I’m really starting to notice some length going on now too which I’m over the moon about! I especially notice it in photos and I have had quite a few people mention how my lashes are looking longer. IMG_3650

I have found that as my new lashes are appearing and growing that they are quite fair, so I like to use a primer (currently using an Essence cosmetics one) under my mascara to really grip and coat each lash then use a really black mascara – this absolutely manages to showcase every lash and really show the length from root to tip.

So would I recommend this product? Yes I definitely would, however I think you need to ensure you definitely use it everyday and be patient for the results and take before and photos so you can see if its working for you.

I’m now excited to see how much more my lashes will grow with continued use, and I have rarely reached for my falsies lately, maybe only for date night or special occasion.

Here are my before and after pics so far

I think you can really start to see my lashes are fanning out and growing beautifully now and I thought the best way to show true growth was with absolutely no makeup on so the lashes are as natural as possible….but when you apply a eyelash primer and mascara I now just LOVE the results!

fLash serum is available to buy at

So how much is it? Its $45 which is about £30, so it’s fairly cheap in comparison to some lash serums and about £10 cheaper than the top brand Rapid lash you can buy in boots and superdrug and the results look similar to me – so this is a great investment if you are dedicated to have fuller longer lashes in a matter of a couple of months.

Overall I’m really super impressed with this lash serum and I actually look forward to doing my lashes in the morning and now my make up is often without eyeshadow as I like my lashes to be the stand out statement!

So it’s a great review and recommendation from me dolls! If your after longer lashes without extensions or falsies then fLash eyelash serum is a great option, a little bit of patience goes a long way with growing lashes!

Lots of love

Jo @ Dolly Rockin Beauty  imagesPFDFZARF







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