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Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals Bronzer

So I saw an Instagram post that was promoting the Jerome Alexander magic minerals bronzer set and I thought it looked super pretty and ideal offering 4 shades in one little compact that is meant to offer an all seasons makeup set! I’ve never heard of Jerome Alexander before so when a I saw a PR company promoting it on Instagram I was really keen to give this little beauty a try and see if it is really ‘magical’.

So when I got the opportunity to review it I was thrilled as it offers a great selection of beauty products in one pack.  It turned up mega quickly from Catalyst PR so big thanks to you guys and I was excited to get testing the product.

What’s Included: 

  • Bronzer compact
  • Eyeshadow Brush 
  • Kabuki Brush 
  • Blending Sponge 
  • Magic Minerals Clear Lip-Gloss 

First impressions count…

When I first saw the product in its packaging my heart sank a little as it looked cheap and like something you would find in one of those god awful home catalogues that get dropped on your doorstep that are full of random tat that nobody wants. However, fairs and fair and I must not judge solely on first impressions of bad packaging so I quickly moved on to open and explore the products on offer. And I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised and my faith in this product was starting to revived. In fact peel this packaging away and this actually looks like much more pretty and credible makeup brand and product.

It’s claim…

Magic Minerals Bronzer by Jerome Alexander is a complete make up set – allowing you to make up your entire face. This set can be used in range of applications from bronzing to contouring or sculpting, you will always have a perfectly tanned healthy complexion! Jerome Alexander, is described as an International Beauty Expert with 40 years of cosmetic experience under his belt and they have various mineral make up products and sell it at various outlets such as Argos and is widely available on amazon and ebay and as mentioned several times on the seen on highstreet TV

My thoughts on testing the compact…

Well I’m big into my makeup and I do love a compact that can offer multiple uses to save me trawling through all my drawers and acrylic storage trying to find things! I find when reviewing products for companies you should always use the product multiple times before you give it a full review.

The kabuki brush is lovely and super soft, and as good as lots that I already have in my armoury of makeup tools. The sponge is a bit ‘meh’ and a bit old school these days and definitely wouldn’t use it to apply a powdered bronzer as I would end up looking way too cakey and orange I think the general idea with mineral makeup is less is more however the brushes are lovely and I will definitely use these to achieve the look I’m after.

The makeup compact itself is in a nice bronzed case and offers 3 bronzer shades and a cutesy baby pink blush. Each offering themselves to help sculpt and contour your face to achieve your desired look. You can use just one shade or all 4 used together should tone in with any skintone.

I have to be honest, most mineral makeup I find to be a touch frustrating as the products tend to be loose mineral powder and I end up loosing half of the product trying to swish tap and swirl out of the little tiny pots and I just end up wasting a ton of product but this being a pressed bronzer didn’t have any of those issues and is really easy to use and apply.

Mineral makeup is designed to even out skin tones and other skin imperfections, while not causing any further outbreaks by clogging the pores and letting your skin breathe.


It’s a lightweight powdered bronzer – as you can see from the swatches above, it doesn’t go on cakey either which is a bonus but applying too much would endanger you of getting that ‘tangooed’ look which nobody wants. So I use it to apply a contour on cheeks, around my temples and forehead, and jaw line and if I’m going for a more sculpted look I will also a-apply it on my nose to make it appear slimmer. The blush I just dust over my cheeks.

They say it’s hypoallergenic so if your skin is sensitive or breaks out easily, it shouldn’t upset it or irritate it. It also acts as a natural sunblock. The lip gloss was a nice added extra but as I mainly use matte lipsticks I’m not sure how much use I will get out of this, but its good to have incase I decide to switch up my shades in summer and go for a glossy lip.

Here’s a quick makeup shot using the compact, in true selfie pout showing the contouring

Overall I was happy with the application and the selection of colours on the palette and it seemed to work quite well, and lasted well all day and felt quite leightweight on my skin and I would be happy to use this as my handbag bronzer when out and about as if it broke I wouldn’t be devastated unlike some of my other bronzers that I use.

It’s definitely not the cheapest product around and to be honest I wouldn’t buy it if I saw it sat on the shop shelf however on actually using it I do quite like the product but for me the outer packaging is a big no no and really cheapens the product which is a shame and i’m sure has put a lot of people off thinking that this is not a quality product. Priced at  £19.99 I think some redesigned packaging could go a long way. However a very  good point to this brand is that it does not test any of their formulations on animals.

 As far as mineral makeup goes i much prefer their take on this type of make up as the pressed powder works much better for me, the loose powders just arent really for me other than a little spot concealing.
All in all, its pretty good, but obviosuly having the brushes and lipgloss included in the pack makes it better – and i would be happy to trial other products from their range as it caused zero breakouts and think its a good product for summer when foundation feels a little too heavy.
Thanks again to Catalyst PR for letting my review this product and introducing me to this brand.
See you all soon dolls imagesPFDFZARF

Jo @ Dolly Rockin Beauty




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