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CelluBlue Cup

So girls….those of us that aren’t fortunate enough to be cellulite free will fully understand how unsightly and frustrating the dimply skin orange peel look really is! It can totally destroy your confidence and all you see when you catch of glimpse of your naked self in the mirror is that pesky cellulite! So Finding something that really helps cellulite has been top of our everyone’s lists for a while โ€“ so far their seems to be no magical cure….believe me I’ve tried lots of creams without success! So hold the front page I think I may have found something that actually works!!

CelluBlue contacted me asking if I wanted to try this little rubber cup and I thought it was worth a shot right?! 

Its method is similar to the traditional Chinese suction cups used by massage professionals โ€“ but this is something you can do from home when you are either in the shower or just after when you apply your lotions and potions during your beauty routine.

The technique is non-invasive, safe and works to break up the fat clusters that create that infamous ‘orange peel’ look that we all hate so much.

How to Use:

First, either lather soapy water over skin or apply a little massage oil to dry skin. Squeeze the air from your Cellu-cup and place it on the area to be treated. The pinching of the skin occurs immediately after you release your Cellu-cup. Then slide up and down the affected area. I used  either bio-oil or a bodyshop oil – a word to the wise…..make sure you use some sort of product with this cup or it will hurt as it won’t glide along the skin!
My experiences of using the cup:

So I know lots of women suffer with cellulite on the thighs and butt, I think these are the most common areas but for me whilst I do suffer in these areas (oh joy), it is my stomach that most upsets me. Since having children by c-section who are only 13 months apart in age I found my tummy has never looked or felt right since. Especially now I have the added unsightly stretch marks thrown into the mix! I obviously also have a large section scar – though this I don’t mind at all as it marks the start of my children’s journey into the world so I’m quite proud of this.

However, my skin felt odd, bumpy, untoned and generally gross so I thought my main focus for the celluBlue cup would be right here on my tummy! I struggle to find the time to use this cup everyday if I’m honest….two kids don’t often allow masses of time for this sort of thing although they did watch me do it with great interest and maybe horror!!

img_8701-2However they have got a great ap you can download that will offer a timer and motivation and track your progress and measurements in your cellulite banishing fitness enhancing journey!

So I wanted to give the cup some really good time to review, as I think you really should give products you’re reviewing a fair trial before talking about any results.

I have to say I’m pretty damn impressed, my stomach definitely does feel better in its appearance – the weird bumpyness which I’m guessing was cellulite definitely seems to have diminished and I feel much more confident about my tummy now. So much so that I’m even going to treat myself to a new bikini for a family holiday we have coming up! Never ever did I think I would have the confidence to wear a bikini in public again! And I think….she says I am starting to see some definition coming back to my tummy! Woohoo!

Ok, so I do have lots of work to do still in that area but I think a good combination of general core exercise to tone and tighten, a healthy diet and using the cellublue cup I will finally come to a place where when I look in the mirror I finally see a little bit of me, me pre kids, me feeling a bit more confident and me feeling much more accepting with how far I’ve come in my post baby body journey!

Would I recommend this product? 

Do you know what, initially I thought it might be a bit of a gimmick and my partner does laugh at me, and also look fairly horrified and me sucking my skin into a little blue cup that makes undesirable noises when doing it -ha ha but I have to say I’ve really learnt to love this little rubber cup and would definitely recommend it – I do feel like it’s working for me and I will continue to use it in my long path ahead to achieve the body I truly desire.

Where to buy:

To get your hands on one of these little suckers go to CelluBlue to find loads more reviews, tips and tricks and to having a little go to see if it works for you too. This product has taken France by storm so it’s only a matter of time before all us Brits jump onboard this latest beauty trend!

Please note: the Cellu-cup should be used regularly โ€“ it’s not a permanent eraser of cellulite and the massage technique should be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise to increase sustained success. Yes I did get sent this product for free for review but I only recommend products I believe in myself.

Thanks dolls and see you all soon!

Jo @ Dolly Rockin Beauty


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