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Dr Paw Paw 

Hi Dolls

So today I wanted to talk about a product that is sweeping the UK by storm and becoming a firm favourite on vanity tables all over the UK. Dr Paw Paw is a British company that was founded in 2011 when Johnny and Pauline Paterson decided to launch the UK’s first version of paw paw balm – Dr Paw Paw. The  first UK pawpaw based balm was the original balm which is a multi-purpose fragrance free balm.

Dr. Paw Paw Original balm provides relief for dry irritated skin and moisturises lips, nails,cuticles and dry cracked skin such as heels, hand and elbows. It can also be used to add finishing touches to hair, brows and for cosmetic finishing.

Harvey Nicholls started stocking this product in 2014 where it went on to have great success when people discovered it’s multi purpose uses and just what a wonder balm this was. Dr Paw Paw then went on to launch tinted balms – Pink peach and ultimate red which are great for offering a tinted lip balm or adding colour to your cheeks. Click here to find out some more about which balms are on offer.

I have seen the balm featured in loads of magazines and beauty recommendations recently so I decided I had to try it! Dr Paw Paw kindly offered me the chance to review one of their products and after considering each product I thought the original would suit not only me but my family best too. I have two children, one of which is still in nappies and suffers from Eczema so I had heard Dr Paw Paw was great for this, so after trying many many expensive creams I was eager to try this.
So once it arrived I went right ahead and tried it on the eczema on the back of my son’s legs before bed, and the next morning I honestly couldn’t believe the remarkable improvement in the eczema – it had cleared it up like nothing else I had tried. Amazing!

I’m yet to try the many other ways you can use it, I have however used it on my face and lips and really enjoyed the product – It helped soothe and heal angry blemishes and added some much-needed moisture to my lips (I use drying matte lipsticks far too often) but I think next up is to put it to the test on my dry cracked feet – all this sunshine and flip flop wearing has given my feet a bit of a hammering so they are in need of some TLC and if it works for them then it truly is a wonder balm!

I’m super happy with the product so far and would definitely recommend it, for me I like the original one as you can use that anywhere – defiantly if you are using it on your children you only want the original colour and fragrance free formula. I’m also going to try and encourage my partner to use this on his hands as he is a chef and washes he hands literally hundreds of times a day for hygiene reasons of course – so his hand get super dry.

So what’s in it?  

Apparently there are a ton of wonder super ingredients in this balm however it really only embellishes on a couple of them on their website.

Carica Papaya  This nutrient-rich fruit is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins A and C and acetogenins which, when applied externally, helps in aiding skin repair, adding moisture and smoothing and tightening the skin.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice  A desert plant with amazing abilities to absorb and restore moisture. It contains more than 200 different plant constituents that promote glowing, youthful looking skin and hair.
– Retains and restores moisture to lips, skin and hair.
– ‘Bathes’ skin cells and helps promote skin regeneration.
– Helps minimise appearance of pore size.
– Excellent ingredient for skin cleansing and toning.

So as mentioned you can use this multitasking balm so many different ways.  Here are a few ways:

Your Lips:  which I have to say fells amazingly moisturising soft and gives a beautiful sheen to your lips.  It also helps sooth

For controlling your brows:  I have used this on my brows and I love it.  It keeps my brows in place all day long which the hairs feels hard and stiff

For your cuticles: massage it into your nails and cuticles to strengthen and moisturise and to stop sore chapped skin and keep your nails strong.

For hair:  Try rubbing a little of this balm on the ends of your hair to help nourish the dry ends and split ends  – god knows I need to try this, my poor hair feels frazzled at the moment!

Nappy Rash :  I have yet to try this as luckily my son doesn’t really suffer from this, though my daughter was awful for it and I wish I had discovered this stuff then!

Skincare: apply to blemishes to cool, soothe and repair.

Eczema: apply to the affected area and wait to see the results – believe me it worked wonders for my son and his eczema has pretty much gone! Incredible.

You literally can use this everywhere.  It even says you can use this on bites and stings too and I bet it would be great for sunburn with the Aloe in it. The texture of this balm is super thick which means you only need a half pea sized amount and it goes a long way. I would recommend warming it between your fingers so it becomes easier to apply, then a little really does go a long way.

This for me this is a must have in my handbag and I do carry it everywhere with me, as its such a multi-purpose balm. You can get hold of Dr Paw Paw in so many shops now, even Topshop! Or simply visit Dr Paw Paw and shop their products directly.

Thanks for reading – its a big thumbs up from me on this little yellow tube of fabulousness!

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