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Hi dolls!

So i’m a girl that likes to have a bright white smile as much a possible, so as my budget won’t allow professional teeth whitening I often look for cheaper ways to achieve a brighter smile from home. I’ve tried so many things on the market, gel trays, toothpaste, mouthwash, uv lights etc etc but really what I found worked best for me was whitening strips. I’ve been using whitening strips for a while now, and with the exit of Crest Strips from the UK market I was on the hunt for another affordable brand that offered similar results. And as if by magic along came Tooth Fairy professional whitening strips!

Their claim:

“Tooth Fairy’s Non-Slip technology combined with its powerful peroxide formula will remove those stubborn stains helping you achieve that BRIGHTER, WHITER SMILE you have always wished for. Tooth Fairy’s non-slip technology allows the strip to grip to the teeth better than other gel based products on the market allowing for better penetrative contact with the tooth”

Tooth Fairy kindly sent me a 4 days strip pack to test out the product and see how well it worked for me. Generally the recommendation is a 2 week supply which is 14 strips at £22.99 but they also sell a 4 week or 6 week supply.

My teeth are fairly ok in terms of colour but as im a big coffee drinker it doesn’t take long before my teeth start to look dull if I don’t do regular whitening. Unlike some others I’ve tried i found that these strips stick to your teeth really well! So much so they left a slight residue on my teeth so i needed to clean them after. Tooth fairy whitening strips need to be applied to both top and bottom teeth for 1 hour. This is double what would usually do but I was happy enough to try it, I figured as regulations have come in over the percentage of peroxide that can be used in teeth whitening then the time needed to be extended at a lower percentage.

First impressions of these strips were fairly good, maybe not quite achieving the results I had hoped for but there was a slight improvement in the colour of my teeth, I think they maybe shifted some tough in-between stains rather than whiten significantly, however to be fair they do recommend a 14 day course and in only had 4 days so its really hard to judge just how good they would be after 2 weeks – but I do suspect pretty damn good for an off the shelf product for £22.99! However I can’t guarantee thats the case but I was happy enough with my results after 4 days so add another 10 days into that as standard and I feel I might have some pretty pearly whites!

A few things to consider:

Strips will not whiten crowns or fillings. As each time you use they need to be on for an hour make sure you dont need a drink or food as this will be trickly whikst whitening your teeth! Plan your hour wisely! I did mine whilst showering and applying my makeup or whilst having a general pampering session at home, however Tooth Fairy’s strips are designed as a transparent strip allowing UV lighting to increase whitening results so can be used whilst on a sunbed to get brighter results! How cool is that?!

It does state on the Tooth Fairy website that occasionally from time to time some users may experience a heightened level of tooth sensitivity after continual use of whitening strips. Although rare, this is perfectly normal and Tooth Fairy advise a desensitization period of 1/2 days where no strips are applied to the teeth

So all in all I think these whitening strips are pretty good, but I would have to try them for a full 2 week course to give them my full recommendation. I think if you haven’t whitened your teeth at all then you are most likely to see the best results but as I try to keep mine quite bright then I think the whitening effect is more subtle, though these would be ideal to maintain your bright white smile. In using these I didn’t experience any sensitivity so thats a big plus for me also these are so affordable – cheaper than the other comparable brands such as Mr Blanc that offer very similar results. So if your looking to try teeth whitening for the first time or looking for a replacement for crest whitening strips then these just might be the answer.

If anyone does try the 2 week course then do let me know! If anyone fancies  giving these a try visit the Tooth Fairy Website and enter FAIRYDUST to receive 10% of all orders – I’m going to try a full course for sure.

Thanks for reading dolls


Please note I was sent this product for free to review and all opinions are my own.


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