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So as promised tonight’s post is all about Makeup. I recently got sent some fab new makeup to try from a company called LOLA. I had seen some of their products pop up on my Instagram feed and their products looked really good so I was really happy to be able to collaborate with them and give some products a trial.

LOLA Satin eyeshadows – RRP £10.00
Lola kindly sent me 3 beautiful foil eye shadows which can be used wet or dry – one shade is a gorgeous gold colour  (024) which applies almost like a rose gold colour and I have used it sooooo much, it also doublesgold shadowsup as a really pretty highlight, they are so pigmented and creamy it makes the application so easy with these shadows. I also received a bright blue (005) and green shade (031) which are a also gorgeous colours but a bit adventurous in colour for me, I maybe will use the green but the blue is a little bright for my colour range, although it’s super pretty it just doesn’t suit my tones and I think I might just be a bit too old to be rocking a blue eyeshadow however take a look at some of their fab looks using their make up here

LOLA Blush – RRP £14.0020160704_123521.jpg
I also received a blush from them which I have also been using loads and the shade which is a dusky pink colour is perfect for me and it’s really similar in colour to Benefit Rockateur. I love having lots of blushes so this was a great addition for me. It’s well pigmented but you can be very subtle with it and it’s blendable too as I wear quite a lot of bronzer it’s important for me to choose a blusher that works in harmony with my bronzer and doesn’t leave me looking ‘0verdone’.

LOLA Mega Volume Mascara – RRP £12.00
Next up is the Lola Mega Volume Mascara which is in Brown 002 – I have to say I tend to 20160704_122801.jpgonly use black mascara and tend to favour more towards silicone wands rather than bristle ones, but I think this does offer a nice option for me should I which to go for a softer more beachy / natural look. I think it works well with a more neutral look so I found it paired nicely with the foil shadow in the shade 024. I did find the mascara applied nicely and worked well with the eyelash primers I like to use. If I had this in black it would be used a lot more.

LOLA Ultra Shine Lipstick – RRP £12.00
The final product was one of their Lipstick shines in Passion Pink. Wow this is a super 20160704_122826.jpgpretty, super pigmented and super creamy lipstick. It’s really nourishing and after using loads of matte lipsticks recently it’s really refreshing to use one that actually really creamy and almost gloss like on the lips. I would say it’s got the pigment of a cream lipstick but the feel of gloss also. The shade is really bright for me as I favour nudes generally – are you getting a sense of maybe I like to play my makeup safely?! However, when I did wear this I actually really liked the colour and think it would look good with lots of skin tones and hair colours. It lasted so well and the colour pay off is fab and I would love to try other colours within Thai lipstick shine line from Lola.

So all in all I really love this brand and I’m definitely going to try 20160704_123315.jpgsome more, I think they are amongst some of the best shadows and blushes I have in terms of application and the rose gold foil shadow is absolutely one of my favourite single shadows. The packaging is simple and sophisticated with a black matte design And the size of the eye shadows and blush is really generous and super handy to pop into your makeup bag when you go out and about.

So dolls, I do really recommend this makeup, it’s good quality and if you’re looking for something different to try then this is definitely worth a shot, I can see it working its way on to a lot of vanity tables soon. Marks and Spencer now stock LOLA make up so have a look at what’s on offer and get inspired by the 2016 collection promo video by visiting the LOLA Make Up by PERSE website. Next up for me I really want to try their foundation, highlighter and make up brushes….a girl can never have too many right?!

Thanks for reading Dolls

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