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So I’m a huge facemask fan and I find a little facial treat to be just the ‘pick me up’ I need sometimes. I think facemasks have really come on a lot recently and there are so many on the market with the sheet masks being the latest craze. However, I rather like the good old traditional creams – the peel off ones I’m not so keen on anymore, I much prefer ones that feel super nourishing and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Nugg kindly sent me 2 anti-aging facemasks and one deep cleansing one and my skin seems to be aging at a rate that is far too fast for my liking. I went straight in to try the Anti -aging mask enriched with Vitamin B3, Wheat Germ Oil and White Tea Extract. Now I’m not sure about you guys but my skin has mood swings where it can become really angry and break out all of a sudden or a can have a period of calm where everything looks pretty good. I have found with my hypothyroidism that my skin takes longer to heal so I try not to use anything heavily perfumed on my skin and this anti-aging mask smelt nice, fresh and natural, completely white in colour and thick and creamy in texture.

Apply content of the cup generously to skin (applies like a smooth gel), leaving out lips and eye area. Leave on skin for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off or removing with a damp washcloth. Use once a week or more as required.

Each capsule contains a generous amount of product. The entire amount should be used in one use. This forms a thick layer on the skin which acts as a barrier and helps drive ingredients into the skin. However with the first pod I did apply the mask and covered over the remaining mask in the pod to use another time. Just ensure it is air-tight and you are good to go for another little mini-skin treat! Nugg advises to use their masks twice a week or often as desired – for me personally I only tend to use a mask once a week or I think my skin might freak out and break out after too much moisturising pleasure!

You can also use the face mask as an overnight skin boosting mask by applying a thin layer onto the skin and washing it off in the morning or like I said earlier, tape the capsule shut and store in a zip lock bag and use leftover product within the next days.

Anti-Aging face mask pods to rejuvenate & replenish maturing skin.mask.png

  • Vitamin B3, Wheat Germ Oil and White Tea Extract help firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Helps improve skin elasticity & neutralize free radicals to protect skin from damage
  • Made with 97% natural or naturally-derived ingredients
  • No chemical emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances or colours, mineral oil, or parabens

For me I found this mask to be really nourishing and although Nugg recommends that one pod is suitable for one application, for me, this seems quite a challenge to apply that much product at once, as although the pods look small, they actually go an incredibly long way. I used this on my face and neck area as we often forget that necks are one of the key areas that can give away our age.

Deep Cleansing Cucumber Extract and Jojoba Oil face mask pods for an ultra clean, shine-free look & feel. 20160705_203217.jpg

  • Cucumber Extract & Jojoba Lite Oil gently removes excess sebum and helps reduces the appearance of pore size
  • Refreshing gel texture is very gentle and won’t dry out the skin or leave it feeling tight; leaves skin soft & provides a silky-matte finish
  • 2-in-1 Cleansing & Hydrating action
  • Made with 98% natural or naturally-derived ingredients
  • No chemical emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances or colors, mineral oil, or parabens

I really enjoyed this mask the most out of the two, as I absolutely love cooling cucumber or mint based masks as they feel so refreshing on the skin. For me this did tingle slightly when I was wearing it and I did leave it on for longer than you are meant to, but I figured this tingling sensation must be doing something good for my skin. Again the fragrance was subtle but fresh and the texture is like somewhere in-between a gel and a cream and applies really easily. I used the whole pod on one application with this, using it all over my face and neck.

Afterwards my skin felt soft, fresh and cleansed with not a scrap of make up left of my face. I think it worked deep into my pores as I did have a few small breakouts in places I never usually do, but I think this is down to actually really cleaning my skin and a new electronic cleansing brush I have started using.

Nugg offer these masks in pod packs of 3 ($9.87) or 5 ($16.45) and can be bought on some shops such as Selfridges or bought online at Beauty Bay but if you check out the Nugg Website here then it shows you where their products are sold within the UK. Nugg also offer a whole range of other flavours masks targeting certain skin-types and skin concerns so there is something for everyone and they also sell lip and eye masks so if you love a little self-indulgent pamper then its worth taking a look.

Nugg seem to be a really up and coming brand who I am seeing more frequently on blogs and social media, and I think their range is expanding all the time. Nugg do not test on animals and their natural, gentle yet effective skincare is proving to be a big hit amongst the beauty world.

Thanks for reading Dolls, I will be back later in the week with another beauty related post for you. Don’t forget to check me out on Twitter: @dollyrockin Or instagram: Dolly Rockin Beauty.

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