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Results With Lucy – New Beginnings Fitness Diary – Good Bye Mum Bod!

Good Evening Dolls,

So if you’re anything like me you have the best intentions for changing your lifestyle to eat more healthily, work out and become more active generally….but intentions often don’t transfer into actions and time rumbles on and nothing ever changes until you are next in that changing room again about to cry as you catch a 360 view of your body in the mirror and gasp in horror!

So a little background on me…

Now I’m not overweight at all, I vary between 9st 2lbs to 9st 5lbs with my height being about 5ft 6″ but I am however very untoned and I have excess skin on my tummy from having my beautiful children and whenever I look in the mirror without clothes on this is absolutely the area I feel most unhappy about.

I had my first child in 2013 who was a beautiful girl but boy did she put me through it, after my contractions starting on the Friday night very gently I was in full-blown labour on the Sunday and with all the intervention in the world my daughter didn’t want to leave the comfort of my womb! So after hours and hours of pushing to no avail I was rushed into theatre. Forceps failed also so I had to have a very frantic emergency c-section, they didn’t even have time to put the frame up to hold the sheet so my boyfriend had to hold it so I couldn’t see! It was graphic but the team were amazing though I was so incredibly exhausted I was in a daze!

Anyway that’s a blog post in itself about my experiences of labour, but what I will say is c-sections are brutal on your body! It takes months to recover and exercise is totally ‘out’ for quite some time.

So I did really well in losing the weight pretty fast all things considered, I put on 4 stone! (Yikes) I still had 9lbs to shift before I got back down to my pre baby weight. But BOOM I fell pregnant again when my daughter was just 5 months old! This was a massive shock!

So once again my weight started to go up and I was growing a beautiful baby boy! This time I only put on 2 stone in total, I carried very differently and craved ice and vegetable not like my first pregnancy where I craved pizza and anything bad for me! Although I also craved Ice with my first as well.

My son was a planned c-section so it was much much calmer, and my recovery time was at least half and I didn’t need much pain relief after really and was able to walk much much sooner. However I still couldn’t exercise for quite some time and to be fair with have 2 children under 14 months it just wasn’t my main priority. But the weight pretty much just came off on its own pretty quickly but my body….oh my body….its never been the same since!

When you have to children back to back your body goes through a massive ordeal, emotionally, mentally, physically and hormonaly. It’s a lot to take on board! I only got a couple of small stretchmarks with my daughter but with my son I got loads and not just on my tummy, even though I out half the amount of weight on my body just couldn’t cope with growing then shrinking then growing then shrinking again all within this very short timeframe.

I am now left with love handles I just can’t shift, excess saggy skin, a c-section puckered pouch..basically where my stitches were pulled so tight, saggy boobs and my body shape has generally changed beyond recognition! Now I’m not complaining at all, I know I’m so very blessed to have children but I would like to bring back some tone and definition to my physique – maybe see if I can ever see a hint of a six-pack! Hell…I’d take a 2 pack if I could!

So why now?
Since blogging and having a very active instagram account I came across loads of inspiring accounts and great brands that really got me thinking about changing up my lifestyle and how I really needed to invest in some time just for myself again.With blogging brings opportunity and I was asked to review a fitness focused monthly subscription box and that was my first trigger point to feeling like a was taking some positive action and within that box was some Protein targeted at Women called She protein – I’d never really tried protein before this intrigued me and I actaully found I really liked it and strangely how it just mentally made me feel I could easily improve my health and body with Working out, switching up my diet and ensuring I was getting the nutrients and vitamins I need. My health took a tumble after children developing hypothoroidism which brings a hosts of issues and more recently I have been having some other health issues which are currently being investigated.

Results with Lucy – New beginnings So this has leads me (sorry long story) onto Results with Lucy. I wanted to find an exercise that I could do that would fit in around my busy schedule. I work part-time, run a very hectic home and my partner works pretty much every single day sometimes double shifts and it can sometimes feel incredibly lonely and hard work. And by the end of each day I’m so exhausted the thought of going to then gym leaves me feeling numb!

I’ve never Been a fan of gyms, they just aren’t for me, I’m actually incredibly shy and self-conscious so don’t like the gym environment at all, I do love to run or swim but can rarely get anyone to help out with the children so I can actually have some respite and ‘me time’. My mum is amazing and my absolute best friend and looks after my children when I work but lives in a different town so its difficult to get out there and do anything!

Since I’ve been blogging and actively using instagram and twitter I’ve seen some really inspiring fitness journeys from people using RWL. Their body transformations are incredible and have become really motivated and fit girls! I see it and admire them and think….come on girl, you can do this…so Here I am…

I looked into RWL a while back but never committed to any package and my motivation once again got lost, but since my health seems to be temperamental at the moment with an irregular heartbeat and anxiety I figure its time to think about a better cleaner, healthier way of living so when RWL asked me if I would like to try an exercise plan with them I was mega happy and felt instantly invigorated and focused to make a lifestyle change.

RWL offer a multitude of online fitness packages which also come with a healthy choices diet section to help you clean up your diet, make better healthier food choices and work out to become strong not skinny. You can also track your progress, and do workouts for all different abilities and targeted areas of the body. Whats not to love about that right?

As I’ve not really done any regular exercise since pre kids I decided the best place was to start was obviously at the beginning….the very beginning – “New Beginnings” So this is me, follow my progress and journey, see if I stay focused and reach my goals and start to feel better about myself from the inside out. Makeup can hide a multitude of things you try to mask, but your inner self will always come through so I’m hoping to up my mood, feel more confident and have more self-worth and actually work hard to achieve the results I actually want rather than just doing nothing and hoping they will magically appear…I tried that….it didn’t work!

So lets not judge others on how they look, or be mean or unsupportive. Let people make their own choices and celebrate a woman’s choice to do that. After all motherhood takes every ounce of your love, heart body and soul and you want to feel better about yourself I say bloody good for you girl!

Now the bit I’m dreading the most….the before shots. Awful but necessary to keep me motivated to keep working hard. Hopefully each progress post will be just that….progress. On the next fitness blog post I will put in my measurements.

Now remember Girl in the wise words of Zig Ziglar: “you don’t need to be great to start but you have to start to be great”

So wish me luck….here goes nothing…well actually I hope the mum tum goes! Check out all the Results With Lucy Plans here

See you soon guys and thanks for reading and don’t forget to give me a follow so you can come on this journey with me. Also don’t forget to give me a follow on Twitter: @Dollyrockin and my instagram page: Dolly Rockin Beauty

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