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Missu Sunlight Gel Polish – Gel Nails Manicure

Hi Dolls,

Today’s post is all about a revolutionary new Product – Missu® Sunlight Gel. Missu is a img_20160615_201043.jpgbrand new product on the market. It’s a one-step gel polish which cures under Natural Sunlight or just 10 seconds under LED lamp….Yes I said gels that cures in sunlight!!! Amazing right?!

Also another great thing about this gel is that you don’t need to apply base or top coat with this gel polish, which is perfect for home use and holidays. If you buff the shine off your natural nails and apply Missu® Primer before applying Sunlight Gel, your manicure could last up to 20 days according to Missu. If you just want a temporary manicure, then you can use without primer, and can be removed quickly.

So my thoughts and experiences of using Missu
I was really excited to try this revolutionary new gel…however I think I was a little hasty and didn’t quite plan my manicure very well! I did my first mani standing at my kitchen work top on a hot summers day and I literally had no idea Before using missu Sunlight Gel, just how quickly it would cure in the sunlight…or in fact anywhere near sunlight so please make sure the open bottle and application is kept out of direct sunlight.  Failure to do so will cure the Gel Polish before you can apply an even coat to your nails – which is basically what happened to me. Whoops! So this is how you are advised to do your Missu Gel manicure:
Step 1. Push back your cuticleimg_20160616_091423.jpg
Step 2. Buff the shine off your nails
Step 3. Apply missu Primer (dries naturally within about 5 seconds)
Step 4. Apply missu Sunlight Gel (cure under direct sunlight for 30 seconds) (length of time depends on strength of sunlight)
 -Sunlight Gel is cured when shiny and dry to touch-
Step 5. Apply missu Primer
Step 6. Apply 2nd coat of missu Sunlight Gel and cure
So I found once I knew to really keep it away from direct sunlight that this was a brilliantly genius product and super easy to use in the right setting. If there is no sunlight then You can also use a UV nail light to speed up the curing process. Missu sell a super cute mini one which is currently on offer too! Click here for info
For me I absolutely loved the nude pink colour of the gel as its my favourite kind of colour for my nails, and although I did mess up the first application slightly it was actually really hard wearing on my nails and didn’t chip at all. However as it looked a little rough as the gel cured too quickly I decided to remove it and try another mani armed with experience of how to actually apply the gel. This time I did it at night as used a lamp but it didn’t seem to last very well and started to lift quite quickly which was frustrating.
On my 3rd mani I did the sunlight light approach again and it worked well. I would say it nude4
lasted a good week, but then started to lift in places. now I’m very busy and have two toddlers so my hands go through A LOT! so maybe for those that don’t really give their nails a hammering then this may last longer but sadly for me it didn’t. However I am fairly happy for this product to look good for a week as that far superior to normal nail varnish which I very very rarely use these days, and the instant chipping I find too irritating. For me it doesn’t seem quite as strong as other UV gels but for me it is a great middle ground polish.
Would I buy Missu Sunlight Gel?
Yes I would, but not with the expectation that it would last up to 20 days like they say. For img_20160628_213331.jpgme it just didn’t but I really like how quick it is to apply and that you really don’t need anything other than a Primer and Sunlight gel. The Primer and Gels are £10 each or you can buy them together for £15 which I think is a great price. They also do other Gels – a Pro Gel and 4D gel and would love to try them and would really like to try their Mini UV lamp also. They have a fabulous range of colours and I will definitely be adding some more colours to my nude one. I think Missu would be Fab to do a pedicure too!
To check out all of their products visit the Missu site here or check them out on You Tube for some great videos.
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