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Spectrum Collections- Siren Make Up Brush Collection – My Mermaid Love

Hi Dolls,

So the fabulous Nip+Fab were holding a giveaway on their Instagram including a array of img_20160721_114845.jpgproducts from the Dragon Blood & Kale Fix range and a gorgeous Siren Brush Set and makeup brush holder from Spectrum Collections – and I was the lucky winner – I was so happy to win this amazing prize, not only because I’m a huge lover of Nip+ fab products but because I own one spectrum brush and its one of my faves and the siren ones have been on my wish-list for some time since Jinksy Beauty posted some beautiful photos of them on her Instagram.This post however will focus just on my brushes but I will be doing a blog post on my Nip+Fab products too as I get asked lots of questions about skincare.

This beautiful brush set consists of the following:

5 large brushes:img_20160724_202823.jpg

A01  Large Powder
B01 – Buffing Foundation
C02 – Flat contour
C04 – Angled Powder
A05 – Precision Blush

and 7 smaller brushes which are:

B03 – Precision Buffer
A06 – Large Fluffy Shader
B04 – Angled Blender
B06 – Tall Tapered Blender
A17 – Angled Brow
A15 – Lip Liner
A19 – Fine Detailer

This coveted collection of brushes can be used to create a multitude of gorgeous makeup looks and they are so soft and fluffy, I spent far too long just stroking them when they arrived! I simply adore the design, they are almost too pretty to use, but also I like the fact that they are a darker tip as they don’t look instantly dirty as soon as you use them. Important as it is – cleaning makeup brushes is a dreaded chore for me – but needs must.img_20160722_204322.jpg

For me my stand out favourites face brushes are the A01 Large Powder – which evenly distributes powder-based products flawlessly. The B01 Buffing Foundation – which blends the desired foundation over the complexion for a seamless base and for me a buffing brush needs to be super duper soft, I cant scratchy buffing brushes. and the C02 Flat Contour – which helps to define lines and structure for a great contour.

My fave eye brushes are the B03 Precision Buffer – which blends eye shadow beautifully over the skin and the A06 Large Fluffy Shader – now I’m not the best at doing any precision eye shadow looks – it’s definitely something that I would love to master so these beautifully designed img_20160722_152450.jpgbrushes should be just the tools I need to practice.


Apart from the quality the other thing I adore so much about these brushes is their design – from the sleep black stems to the oily coloured mermaid design they really do look so beautiful when on my vanity table. I’m willing these are the brushes that I reach for over all my other brushes as I absolutely love the other spectrum brush I have. The pick the product up really well, and vegan friendly and wash extremely well with no bristle fall out either, not to mention super soft!

I also got a beautiful mermaid inspired roll clutch for the brushes which is stunning and perfect for when I need to take my brushes with me if I’m going away, keeping them clean and protected. You can buy the roll separately or you can buy it with the brushes for £89.99 for the complete set. Click here to shop – these have img_20160721_141043.jpgbeen out of stock for ages but just came back in stock today…so HURRY they sell out fast!

So if your a die hard Merm-babe then you need these brushes in your life! If you think the £89.99 is a bit of a pricey investment then you can buy just the eye brush set for £39.99 or the face set £44.99.

As far as winning giveaway competitions goes – this has to be the best prize ever! Thanks Nip+ Fab and Spectrum – you made me one very happy lady!

See you soon guys and thanks for reading and don’t forget to give me a follow so you can come on this journey with me. Also don’t forget to give me a follow on Twitter: @Dollyrockin and my instagram page: Dolly Rockin Beauty

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