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Hempz Herbal Body Lotion

Hi Dolls,

So I love my skincare…I was quite late to the party in this respect. I should have been nourishing and looking after my skin a long time ago as being in my mid 30’s my skin is really starting to age. However I didn’t really become that mindful of it until my early 30’s and even then I didn’t apply lotions and creams everyday like I do now.

So now I’m becoming more and more of a skin care junkie and through beauty blogging and subscribing to beauty boxes I’m getting quite a collection and discovering some great brands.

One of the brands I’ve come across on Instagram is Hempz. They offer a range of products from haircare to skin care and I was kindly asked to try some body lotion to try. I’ve never used any of their products but like I said I’m keen to discover new products so thiimg_20160719_195930.jpgs was a great opportunity to do so.

Now these are gorgeous lotions that smell incredible. I got sent a sweet pineapple and honey melon and a pomegranate one. Hempz herbal body moisturisers are enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil which are blended with natural extracts to leave your skin feeling super nourished and soft, not to mention smelling incredible!

I can’t actually decide which of the two is my fave scent actually as they are both really lovely. I love to apply the pineapple and sweet melon straight after a shower to lock in the moisture and feel super clean, moisturised and fresh and favour the pomegranate at nighttime before bed. The fragrances are quite strong but in a good way and you almost don’t need to wear perfume when these have been applied. These do come in bigger bottles but I actually love the mini size I have as they are really handy to keep in your bag as a hand lotion too.

The sweet pineapple and honey melon aims to refresh and invigorate skin with pineapple helps to condition and soften and the Melon is a natural antioxidant with Vitamins A & E.  The pomegranate and Hemp seed oil compliment each other with a high antioxidant to prevent breakouts and keep skin plump and moisturised with Shea Butter and natural extracts help calm, soothe and condition skin

To get your hands on some Hempz goodies you can buy them on amazon and you can get your hands on a 500ml bottle for about £18. Big Thanks to Hempz and Catalyst PR for sending me these to review – they are both firmly on my vanity table being used regularly.

See you soon guys and thanks for reading and don’t forget to give me a follow if you like to read about beauty, lifestyle and fitness. Also don’t forget to give me a follow on Twitter: @Dollyrockin and my instagram page: Dolly Rockin Beauty

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