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Lush Bloggers Event in Exeter – My first Blogger Event Experience

Good Evening Dolls,

Recently I was lucky enough to get invited to attend a Blogger event at Lush Cosmetics inimg_20160729_181927.jpg Exeter on Friday 28th July. Now this was very exciting for me, although I was also extremely nervous that I might be out of my depth as I’m still really new to the blogging industry. However upon arrival at the event my nerves soon settled and I really started to relax and enjoy it.

We started off the evening with a little look around the shop and getting to meet the other local bloggers, and getting the chance to wonder around Lush after hours is quite the treat as it’s always so busy when I go in there usually and I always feel somewhat intimidated as I’m never quite sure what product I would like to try other than their signature Bath 20160729_184613.jpgbombs and the legendary Mask of Magnaminty.

The focus of the evening was to be on their ‘Naked products’ by naked they mean – to be without packaging as we all know that Lush are an extremely ethical and environmentally friendly brand so it made sense that there is a strong focus on these naked products. These are exactly the products that I was really interested to learn about as these are the ones that come with no packaging therefore very little explanation of what they are and how to use them.

We had a fun little ice breaker game where we were split into two teams and then had to do a relay around the shop with a bath bomb on a wooden spoon and each person in the team did a leg of the shop and the final person had to unwrap the bath bomb  from the knot and chuck it in the infamous large silver bowls everyone see’s the demo’s being done in Lush. And our team won! Yay! This was just a good bit of fun to get us all relaxed.

Next up we got to get our hand dirty and start the mixing process of making our own 20160729_184158.jpgcomforter bubble bars, now I have to hold my hands up and say I have never tried a bubble bar before but I’m a huge fan now, I really like that they can be used multiple times by breaking some off easily unlike the bath bombs which are just for single use. We all got a chance to pour in an ingredient and mash the mixture together – one group did the white part of the comforter and the other did the pink – then it was left to rest for a while for us to return later and complete the process of combining the two mixtures to make our very comforters.

During the night we all also got to have a pampering treat on one of our arms, Adam (lush staff member) gave me a lovely pamper using an array of products I hadn’t used before (their names sadly escape me now) but I do know that my skin felt super-duper soft afterwards and I would now definitely like to try some of their shower products / both the naked ones and the bottled ones.

Lou (lush staff member) then moved us onto the naked products in terms of hair care. img_20160801_080411.jpgNow this was fascinating to me, as since children I have struggled constantly with hair loss so it was fab to have a mini consultation with someone who has great knowledge and understanding of their products and what might be suitable for my hair type and my hair concerns. Lou showed us some ‘Naked Shampoo’ – now this is a completely new concept to me, I’m very used to pouring my shampoo out of a bottle, so shampoo coming in the form of what looks like a bar of soap then this was intriguing to me!

These naked shampoo’s give up to 85 washes! That’s awesome and for £5.95 each it’s absolutely fantastic value for money! Lou recommended the ‘New Shampoo’ to me which has cloves and cinnamon in it, so its great for hair growth and great for your scalp so of course I had to buy one of these to try – and just as a post blogger event update – I have tried it and LOVE it! My hair felt truly soft and nourished and I would absolutely 20160730_105326.jpgrecommend this product too!

Towards the end of the night we went back to finishing off our comforters which was basically mixing a pink and white ball together and then to ‘twist and squish’ to make a swirl effect. This was harder than it looked but it was great fun and I was pleased with the end result and we all ended up with our very own giant comforter to take home and enjoy.  And man am I enjoying it and so are my kids, and smells amazing and makes the bath a gorgeous and fun bright shocking pink much to the delight of my daughter. ITs super fun to mush into the palms of your hands too, so it’s really sensory for kids.

Last up we got to have a private shopping session where I picked up a few things I hadn’t20160729_180618.jpg tried before and we got to choose an item from a lucky dip and got given an amazing goodie bag too! So all in all the night was fab and I thoroughly enjoyed, not only learning about all the products, but meeting other local beauty bloggers and meeting some lovely members of the Exeter Lush Team!

Big Thank you to Adam, Lou and Elsa who couldn’t have been more knowledgeable and welcoming. There will be posts up about some of my fave lush products soon! To check out Lush cosmetics click here

Thanks for reading, I will be back later in the week with a couple more posts, I’m playing catch up on some posts and have some ideas for some new ones so watch this space…don’t forget to give me a follow if you like to read about beauty, lifestyle and fitness. Also don’t forget to give me a follow on Twitter: @Dollyrockin and my instagram page: Dolly Rockin Beauty

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