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Magnitone London Brazilian Bombshell Barefaced Facial Cleanser and Tone 

Hi Dolls,

What a fabulous few days of sunshine its been. I’ve spent a lot of it out in the sunshine with my children so I’m having to take extra care of my skin as we all know it can dehydrate your skin and age us all. So as part of my skin routine I now use the Magnitone London Brazilian Bombshell barefaced facial cleanser. I kindly got sent this item to review a while ago, and I felt to give a proper review I wanted to use it for a fair amount of time before I gave you my review as I felt it was important to properly embed it into my routine before rushing on here to share my views on it.


I had wanted to try an electronic cleansing brush for a while so was so excited to review this product and see what it could do for my skin. As I have really started to take my skincare much more seriously I have a really good collection of lotions and potions that all target different things, though if I’m honest lots of them seem to be anti+aging these days. Now having all of these creams are great but to have a skincare tool that enables these creams to penetrate deeper into the skin is a must to me now and can really help to make these expensive creams more effective in achieving your skincare goals. Magnitone uniquely developed their technology to cleanse skin better and more deeply than traditional methods. It is a mix of sonic oscillations and pulsed vibrations, that together clean deeply and help tone your skin

So here’s a pro’s of this funky little cleanser:

  • Vibra-sonic gentle deep pore cleansing – forget the manual boring old school way of cleansing, get a deeper clean so your pores become truly clean.
  • Pulselift Toning Mode – An energising skin workout to boost micro-circulation
  • 20 second timer + 1 minute stop. This features a beep for your t-zone, cheeks and neck.
  • 100% waterproof – so this can be used in the shower as cleaning your face is sooo much easier in the shower
  • Interchangable brush heads – compatible with Magnitone brush heads
  • Supercharges your skincare potions – using this little beauty helps your lotions and potions work deep into the skin therefore getting the best from your potions.
  • Simple easy to use on / off button and just push another button to pulse
  • Wireless USB and travel bag – now this is almost as cool as the packaging – just place the charging pod on the charging area of the brush and it will magically charge!


I’ve used a manual cleansing brush before and did actually quite like it as it felt like I was really working the product in, but now I’ve tried this Magnitone brush this is another level of cleansing. From my experience of using this brush, it is a fantastic tool with continued use you will have clearer, brighter, firmer and more radiant looking skin. I do have quite a few scars on my skin due to thyroid issues my skin just doesn’t heel very well and my blemishes are quite large and sore at times so I have to be gentle around those but I have seen my scars starting to fade and my skintone looks more even and it feels so much softer due to the exfoliation. My pores have also definitely shrunk.

I have to say initially when I started using the Magnitone brush my skin did break out slightly – I feel this was due to it really drawing out the impurities in my skin and my skin just freaking out over getting such frequent deep pore cleansing. However, I had read that this can happen so I wasn’t surprised and carried on with using it and my skin soon calmed down. I only broke out in my usual problems zones – which is my chin and lower cheeks.

I don’t use the brush every day as I think every other day works better for me – however if I start to get dry skin or my complexion starts to look a bit dull or more blackheads start to appear then I up my use to everyday until my completion feels improved and cleaner. Also being a beauty blogger I get sent lots of products to try out and review a lot of which is skincare so i’m often mixing up my skincare routine and sometimes products can make my skin flare up so I have to make sure I don’t over-cleanse when it flares up and I give it time to calm down and its important not to overwork your skin if it’s already showing signs of distress. If that happens I would suggest giving your skin a short break from the magnitone and resuming again once its settled down.

How to use it:

Step 1
1. Wet brush. Apply usual cleanser to face or brush head. Press once for daily cleanse, twice for PulseLif Toning

Step 2
2. Gently glide the brush over skin in small circles, let the Vibra-Sonic Technology do all the work. The brush will turn off after 1 minute and give 20 second beeps so you know when to move to a different zone on the face.

Step 3
3. Rinse face and gently pat dry – your face has had a good little going over here so its important to be gentle and respect your skin.

Step 4
4. Apply your skincare products and enjoy the lovely feeling of super soft and clean skin.

So would I recommend Magnitone? Yes I definitely would. If you want a clearer and more radiant complexion and want to improve scars and help banish small imperfections and reduce the size of pores then this Magnitone Brush can certainly set you on that path. For me I would say I wouldn’t recommend it if you have acne as this may cause too much sensitivity and irritation.


There are alternative electronic cleansing brushes out there but for me I love this funky bright design and the vibra sonic vibration is just the right amount for my skin. I love the fact that it can be charged wirelessly and be used in the shower too as its so much easier to scrub all your makeup off and cleanse in the shower. Another great point is that the heads are interchangeable  with different heads offering different uses and not too expensive to replace at £16 for two and you get two with this brush so it will keep you going for a while.

To find out some more tips and tricks on how to use the Barefaced Magnitone brush and if you’re looking to purchase then visit their website here . The Barefaced brushes are £70 which may seem like quite an investment but it really is so important to look after your skin. This little vibrating wonder has managed to smooth my skin and make me really ensure I cleanse properly and enjoy the whole skincare process.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then I would recommend to start with a manual cleansing brush, but once you start I bet you will want to progress on to an electronic one!

Thanks for reading, comment below if you have one and love it or not? Also don’t forget to give me a follow on Twitter: @Dollyrockin and my instagram page: Dolly Rockin Beauty

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One thought on “Magnitone London Brazilian Bombshell Barefaced Facial Cleanser and Tone 

  1. I have the Clarisonic Mia 2 and literally obsessed with it! My skin feels so clean when I use it and now I literally couldn’t imagine being without a electronic face brush! Love this post xx


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