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Messie Mat Makeup Mat – The Essential Beauty Tool

Hi Dolls,

Hope you have all been enjoying the beautiful weather of late, I know I have, so wonderful spending time with your family and friends in the sunshine making memories. 

So, today I wanted to talk about a lovely beauty item that I received as a PR gift from a great company called Messie Mats. Messie Mats are a fab wipe clean mat this is designed to protect surfaces for wherever it is you apply your makeup, be it on your dressing table, on the floor or where ever is the best lighting to do so! We all know lighting is key to applying makeup!
Now I don’t know about you but I can be quite a mucky pup when it comes to applying my makeup, I seem to be an artist at making a mess! So if I could transfer those artitistry skills to my face without making a huge mess of my beautiful vanity table then its all good! Messie Mats help protect the surface from makeup stains and spills and can also be used for any potentially messy beauty regime such as nail Polish, waxing and tanning. Therefore this mat is the ideal beauty saviour for all beauty lovers.

Messie Mat have a few different designs with a few more in the pipeline – one of which will be a lovely marble design…all beauty bloggers love a bit of marble as it could double up as a background for your beauty blogger shots too! I got sent the beautiful vintage design which is beautiful and so pretty and adds a splash of colour to my vanity table. My vanity table is a vintage stag dressing table that I painstakingly restored and painted in a beautiful vintage cream, but I soon learnt it’s the most unpractical colour for a vanity table as I was constantly having to scrub the makeup stains of it – or even worse repaint over those stubborn stains. However now I have my Messie Mat I haven’t had that issue once! I just simply wipe off any makeup spills from my mat and it’s good as new!

This Mat is perfect for Make Up Artists, Beauty Therapists, Nail Technicians and Every day make up use at home. It’s so easy just to fold or roll it up and take it on the go with you and simply fold it out again where desired and your set! Each Mats dimensions are 52cm x 43cm and a simple wipe and it’s clean. Please note these are not heat resistant though so keep your ghd’s at bay girls!

It’s a big big thumbs up from me for the Messie Mat – for just £10 each I think these are absolutely fab! Check out their designs and order yours from Messie Mats here 

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