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My fitness Journey With She Protein – Lets Shake It Up

Hi Dolls,

As some of you that follow my Instagram will know, I’ve recently and finally got into exercising, this has been a long time coming and I’ve never really found the motivation or time since having children to regularly work out or make a positive change to the way I look and feel. On my previous fitness post I talk about my fitness plan for the next 13 weeks as part of my Results with Lucy, New Beginnings plan. But today I wanted to talk about my other motivations that made me feel inspired to workout and get more physically active.

Since using social media more I see all manner of posts and blogs but lots are on fitness and health and it can be quite inspiring. Yeah its true I love makeup and beauty but I have many other passions and interests and try to keep a well-balanced life between motherhood, work and interests and my own wellbeing.

So this leads me onto my latest journey of fitness. I kindly got sent a box from Gym Secrets img_20160620_064902.jpgof which had a great selection of products within it which would be useful for active people. One of the products was a pouch of strawberry flavour 3pm She Protein sachets in a cute Zip bag. Now at first I wasn’t sure I would use a protein shake as to be honest I’ve never really been big on working out other than the occasional run. I didn’t see why I would want to take a protein shake and I would leave that unenviable task up to my other half who loves a good protein shake. But actually my uneducated knowledge of protein shakes really showed here as I just thought it was for body builders for gains.

However, I figured if I had a few sachet then why not try it?! So I decided I needed to get img_20160705_140351.jpgactive again so I went for a cross-country run with my sister and suddenly realised how much I loved it and how good it felt for not only my physical fitness but my mental state of mind too. Just to get an hour to spend some time with my sister, take in the beautiful scenery and improve on my fitness it felt great and I felt inspired to really try to make a better effort with getting fitter and healthier.

My first sachet of She protein actually took me by surprise, I thought it would taste vile as I imagined all protein shakes would taste like slim fast…yuck! but actually it was really sweet and really easy to drink, ok so its made with water and not milk, so it’s definately not like a smoothie but it does actually taste pretty good and as I always get a lull in the afternoon and this offered a great little pick me up and stopped me reaching for that chocolate bar!

After finishing my little pouch of protein She Protein kindly sent me their 3 PM chocolate flavour shake to review and a gym vest too. Now I’m not sure about you but new gym wear really really motivates me, so I was really feeling some motivation by this point and really making an effort to make healthier diet choices, more fitness and also to become more aware of my mindset when it came to make some positive changes in my life.

So lets talk a little about She Proteinimg_20160714_155200.jpg

By women, for women – co-founded by 2 sisters and a biochemist.”shaking it up” for all women, irrespective of age and physique. The founders wanted to break the myths of protein shakes being for men/bulking up – and tey design their products and packaging with women in mind.

She Protein use only the highest quality whey protein isolate (not a concentrate or a blend like cheaper alternatives). Also use a cold-filtered process so maintain an exceptionally high Amino Acid profile (many use high heat which damages the protein). My partner has used protein shakes for years so knows his stuff and he read the ingredients and said it actually was great and so much so that he wanted it and I have had to tell him to keep his mitts off!

For me, away from the biochemistry of it all I love the fact that two sisters are out there making their dreams and vision a reality. Being one of 3 sisters I know how much that means as our bond is so incredibly strong and we often talk about how great it would be great to bring our different skills together to start a business so She Protein inspires me in more than just fitness but in family values too.

3PM – whats it all about?

The 3PM is handy on the go snack that perfect in size just to be able to pop the sachet into img_20160712_140015.jpgyour bag or wallet and give you that little boost at that 3 pm slump I get. If i’m at work I often need a mid afternoon snack and energizer and if I’m at home I also need one to get myself going for the Teatime, bed and bath routine for the children….as its a looooong process.

Key points

  • 5g of protein (equivalent of an egg)
  • only 24cals
  • can be poured into any glass or water bottle – shaken or strirred
  • protein is satiating – also stabilises blood sugar levels so stops peaks and slumps or reaching for unhealthy alternatives. (for me thats crisps usually)
  • a little bit of what you need, when you need it.
  • Whey protein contains all essential amino acids  – great for muscle tone, recovery and hair/skin/nails

So my thoughts on the 3PM? Well I really really enjoyed it, I was so pleasantly suprised by the taste and how easy it was to make – it literally takes seconds, and just generally I really enjoyed the knowledge that I was making choices to improve my fitness, wellbeing and diet, with added vitamins and amino acids. What it did for me was motivate me to push myself harder, work harder and really make a positive step towards exercise. It may sound silly to some but to me it just made me feel like I was taking this fitness journey a bit more seriously and it led me onto wanting to have a shake I could drink straight after my workouts which She Protein kindly guided me on – The FIT shake – I will leave it here for now but will put up another post on the FIT shake and give some progress shots too.

Massive Thanks to She Protein for being so supportive of my journey, I have a long way to go but Both She Protein as a Company and Jessica as a co-founder have been supporting me all the way and I think its great to get support from people you meet or work with along the way for you to achieve your goals.

Check out their website here for full details of their products girls…and don’t worry, a little protein won’t turn you into a beefcake…(Mmmm cheesburgers) but it will help your recovery after a workout, build muscle tone and improve hair, skin and nails.

See you soon Dolls!

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