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UTAN & Tone Fake Tan

Hi Dolls,

So sadly the end of summer is in sight. This is sad for me as I have had a really wonderful summer but equally I’m started to feel a little excited for the next seasons fashion and switching up my look slightly. However with Autumn comes the fact that our sun-kissed tans will be fading and for those tan lovers amongst us we will be reaching for our fake tan to give us that glow! For me a tan makes me feel so much better about myself, it makes me feels more healthy, slimmer, younger and generally more confident in my own skin.

UTAN& Tone Nourishing Night Cream – 50ml – £25

In the July Glossybox I received a fake tan that was totally new to me. Now I’m a huge fake tan lover and qualified spray tan therapist so how this little tube of magic passed me by I’m not quite sure….it’s the UTAN & Tone and the Glossybox item was their Nourishing Night Creme which is a gradual even face tan that also protects, conditions and hydrates. img_20160713_225021.jpg

I’m not generally a huge fan of putting fake tan on my face too much as I wear a full coverage foundation most days but in the summer months I have really tried to embrace wearing less on my face and letting self tanners give me my colour and letting the sun see my face for once . I loved this UTAN & Tone from the start and was mega impressed with the easy application and streak free results and the face it didn’t break me out at all.


When using this tan I apply it in the evening after my shower and avoid using any of my heavy night creams as I want this tan to soak in evenly and not create a barrier. It does have the typical fake tan scent to it which I don’t like but it’s a small price to pay for having a natural looking tan. UTAN & Tone tans are enriched with enriched with antioxidants and vitamins B5, B6, B9, C & K. This organic self tanner also contains Hyaluronic acid which helps regulate and condition your skin overnight whilst the tan develops.

The golden rules of application are:

  • Apply to cleansed face, neck and décolletage in upwards circular motions as part of your essential skincare regime
  • Avoid the eyebrows and blend carefully along the hairline
  • Wash hands after use – we don’t want any tale tale signs!

For me I have really enjoyed using this crème and have found that it doesn’t go on patchy as long as its well applied and that it fades away evenly. At £25 for a 50ml pot I think this would last you quite some time as its specifically designed to be applied to the face, neck and décolletage. I would recommend topping up your tan every couple of days, as if like me you have quite a full on skincare routine, then it can shorten the appearance of the tan.


UTAN & Tone Body Scrub

It is recommended to use this exfoliator as a skin treatment 24 hours prior to tanning. Olive fruit,  Sweet orange essential oil and soothing camomile make this scrub the perfect treat for normal to dry and mature skin types. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & C. This scrub is water-based for best pre-tan preparation.

Now for me I love this as it’s its great at preparing your skin for tanning but it can also be used to remove existing tan if you have any uneven areas. It smells great, feels really nourishing and I absolutely love a good body scrub so that alone gets a big thumbs up from me. It’s the perfect product to add into the beauty pamper session to give you the best results from your tan.


UTAN & Tone Firming Body Weekly Self Tan in Medium 200ml – RRP £20

This is my favourite product from UTAN & Tone, now this bad boy is a best-seller for a very good reason! This UTan and Tone Medium Lotion is perfect for achieving a gorgeous week-long tan! This tan instantly makes you feel better and more confident with a dark tint on application you look bronzed and totally streak-free! This formula contains their body sculpting complex which helps to tone and firm the skin by flushing out toxins. It suggests that this is perfect for Fair to medium Skin Tones but personally I find with tans, the deeper your own natural base tan the deeper and darker you go with just adding a little extra intensity from a bottle of fake tan! So for me I think this would be suitable for darker skin tones too!


Firming Body Gradual Lotion -200ml RRP £20

This Firming Body Gradual lotion can be used to top up existing, fake or real, tans everyday until the desired level of colour is achieved.Use this tan as a regular body lotion. This is not a tinted lotion however the silky oil rich consistency makes this tan very easy to apply for a streak-free result. The organic tanner in this lotion gives a natural sun-kissed look.

This tan is ideal accompanied with the weekly UTAN & Tone tanner and also offers a streak free formula and it does claim that it is odourless. For me I can still smell a hint of that classic fake tan smell – you know what I mean – coffee and digestive biscuits, but it is significantly less than other tanners. IT is enriched with shea butter and rich in antioxidants and its formula contains their body sculpting complex which helps to tone and firm the skin by flushing out toxins. It is colourless so make sure you rub it in well and evenly girls – for me I quite like tans which have a little colour in them so I can see that I haven’t missed anywhere! This tan is perfect for Medium to Dark Skin Tones.

Final Thoughts…

So I absolutely love this tan and haven’t reached for any other tan since being sent it to review. I have a LOT of fake tan in my armoury and of course I have a spray tan machine also, but for me the colour that this offers is perfect. Its more of an olive tone and deep and rich in colour and no hints of orange at all.

My stand out product would be the Weekly tanner which I think is the best fake tan I’ve tried. I love the deep rich colour and that you can see it straight away and that it lasts for so long and fades beautifully and not leave you patchy. All the products used together give you the ultimate sun-kissed look and I would 100% repurchase this line of tanning products.

To shop the UTAN and Tone line visit their website here. They offer this great bundle package for £28 so you can try the whole range before committing to a full-sized bottle! Absolutely fabulous! utan-prod.pngAlso check out QVC Beauty where they also feature this product.

Massive Thank you to UTAN & Tone for sending this to review. I’m so glad that Glossybox featured this product in the July box as otherwise I may have never discovered it.

Have a lovely weekend Dolls!

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