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Lee Stafford Hair Growth, Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Treatment – Grow Your Hair After Hair Loss

Morning Dolls,

Do you suffer with not being able to grow your hair successfully or past a certain length? Well read on! For quite some time now I have struggled to get my hair under control. So lets take a few steps back into my hair troubles.

After having my second child my hair was very incredibly long and thick and I had definitely benefited from the pregnancy in terms of getting lovely thick locks. Sadly though this wasn’t to last and a few months after my well-being took a tumble and I started to become quite unwell. One of my symptoms was hair loss, now I am well aware hair does fall out oaf terms pregnancy and your hair goes though cycles of rest, growing  and shedding. But this was more than that. My scalp tingled all the time was extremely sensitive and my hair was falling out in clumps on a daily basis. I truly thought I might lose all of my hair and it was stressful which didn’t help the situation as hair loss can be triggered by that also.

So it was actually a trip to the Dentist that confirmed I wasn’t well, from getting massive ulcers regularly that had to be medically checked to make sure they weren’t cancerous she informed me that my immune system was shutting down and my body was becoming immune suppressant. So off I went to doctors with a back full of hair that had fallen out to show them the severity of it and after a lot of tests later it confirmed that I had developed hypothyroidism. This answered many questions and I started to take Levothyroxine which I will now take every day for the rest of my life.

So part of this condition is hair loss, amongst many other symptoms and so once I started taking my meds things started to slowly improve. However I would now say my hair has never been the same since and it goes through long periods of time where I can tell my immune system is low again and my body is struggling. So to work alongside my medication I try to make some healthy choices, and also look after my hair a bit more. So when I saw the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range I knew I had to try it, and when they asked me if I wanted to review it I was delighted as I had been previously loving their CoCo LoCo range. So let’s get into the products I’ve been using:


Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo – £7.49 200ml
This protein based shampoo will help to give you better body and dullness in your tired dull hair all the while strengthening your hair from within. It has a PRO-GROWTH complex which is designed to fertilise the follicles and therefore help and encourage your hair to grow and grow. That’s a lot of things going on in one little bottle!

Lee’s Hot Tip: For maximum growth, always shampoo the hair twice. The first removes any product build up and the second leaves the hair follicles super stimulated to encourage healthy growth.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Conditioner – £7.49 200ml
This protein based Conditioner helps moisturise and strengthen the hair from within! With PRO-GROWTH complex to fertilise the follicles and help hair reach its maximum potential length.

Lee Stafford Deep Conditioning Treatment £8.49 200ml
This is a deep conditioning treatment the PRO-GROWTH complex that like the shampoo and conditioner helps to fertilise the follicles and help hair reach its maximum potential lengths. This is a really thick yet creamy smooth texture which you take an egg sized amount and smother it all over your hair in between shampoo and conditioner. This treatment will help reduce irritation and moisturise your scalp whilst also strengthen your hair promoting growth. It’s deep conditioning and helps reduce hair loss and mositurise the scalp which is exactly what I need.

Lee Stafford Hair-Growth Leave in Treatment Spray – £11.99 100ml
This lightweight Leave in Treatment helps smooth and strengthen the hair from within! With PRO-GROWTH complex and a shot of Caffeine to boost micro-circulation and encourage healthy growth. This is also a detangling spray so making your hair feel fab and moisturised. Simply spray it on your hair after washing and towel drying your hair and brush or comb it through. Then style your hair as you normally would.


So I’ve been using these products for over a month now and I’ve also been taking Biotin Hair supplements and I have really seen a significant difference in the length of my hair! I was straightening my hair the other day and my boyfriend asked me if I had my hair extensions in! That for me if testament enough to show how much my hair has grown. I would say the fall out is still very much happening but it is slowing down. So hopefully with continued use these products will help to really get things under control and grow back the large amounts of hair I have lost over recent months.

Now these were sent to me to try as mentioned before but I will absolutely repurchase these and use them frequently. I do tend to switch up my hair care range every now and then as I feel sometimes my hair doesn’t feel as glossy if I only use one brand consistently but this will definitely be one of my haircare ranges of choice from now on. Plus Boots UK often have the Lee Hair Care ranges on 3 for 2 offers. If I were to say one thing though which is I’m not wild on is the smell. I feel ALL lee Stafford products have a really distinct smell to them which is all the same. I would 100% able to pick out any Lee Stafford hair product if I were blind folded! Here’s a progress pic of my hair growth. It’s definately get thing there…this is about 6 weeks use of the product.

Along with trying not to apply too much heat to my hair very often and using the leave in treatment spray I am feeling hopeful that my hair will feel much better over the winter months. I’m thinking of going back to brunette over the Autumn and winter months as that’s my natural colour anyway, so this should also help my dry stressed out hair!

Visit Lee Stafford to see their full range of products.

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  1. It was such a wonderful article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using jamaican black castor oil from long and its really effective. SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment is a gentle styling aid which protects, nourishes and strengthens damaged, processed hair.


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