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Halfway through Results With Lucy – – Progression update of Bye Bye Mum Bod

Hi Dolls,

So as promised here is my mid way point blog post of my healthy choices and exercise plan and to share my thoughts on the impact of doing the 13 Week Results with Lucy New Beginnings Plan has had thus far.

I have tried really hard to change my lifestyle to eat more healthily, work out and become more active generally….and on the whole I’m really proud of myself to sticking too it as much as possible and I think I’m starting to see the beginnings of some results and changes in my appearance physically. Though I think my favourite change has been the change in mind set and attitude towards making some positive changes.

At the start of the exercise plan:

I varied between 9st 2lbs to 9st 5lbs with my height being about 5ft 6″ but I am however very untoned and I have excess skin on my tummy from having my beautiful children and whenever I look in the mirror without clothes on this is absolutely the area I feel most unhappy about, I feel like my body has changed so much since children that it’s barely recognisable. I’m not talking about the odd stretch mark here and there, I talking and shape, lack of definition and tone and texture generally. My children are only 13 months apart in age and this absolutely shot my body to pieces in terms of what it did to me, ballooning up 4 stone with my daughter, to losing over three stone again to then falling pregnant very shortly after and gaining two stone again but body has been through somewhat of a testing time and boy can I tell!

As mentioned before in my previous blog post; When you have to children back to back your body goes through a massive ordeal, emotionally, mentally, physically and hormonally. It’s a lot to take on board! I only got a couple of small stretch marks with my daughter but with my son I got loads and not just on my tummy, even though I out half the amount of weight on my body just couldn’t cope with growing then shrinking then growing then shrinking again all within this very short timeframe.

Problem Areas

So we all have areas we don’t like. For me personally I have love handles I just can’t shift, excess saggy skin, a c-section puckered pouch which gives me a muffin top effect above my scar and cellulite – mainly on my tummy, though and Butt! All areas I scrutinise when I look at myself in the mirror and feel very insecure about. Now I know that these problems dont just go away on their own…god knows I’ve tried that method….with all the will in the world it simply doesn’t work. So the only option was to get up and get moving and really start to look at exercise in a different way and start at the beginning with a with fairly achieveable plan as setting the bar too high would just be setting myself up to fail and I would feel completely demotivated.

Results with Lucy – New beginnings

So this has leads me onto Results with Lucy. I wanted to find an exercise that I could do that would fit in around my busy schedule. I work part-time, run a very hectic home and my partner works pretty much every single day sometimes double shifts and it can sometimes feel incredibly lonely and hard work. So going to the Gym simply isn’t an option for me so it needed to be something i could do from home but that offered the support and structure I needed and Results with Lucy seemed perfect for that.

RWL offer a multitude of online fitness packages which also come with a healthy choices diet section to help you clean up your diet, make better healthier food choices and work out to become strong not skinny. If I’m totally honest the thing I have found the hardest is following the diet…as I cook seperate meals for my children so to cook a different meal for me and my partner as well would take up a lot of time but for the second half of the programme I’m really going to try harder to follow the diet plan as I know my fitness results will show quicker if I eat cleaner.

So at the start of the programme I took some measurements and I’m really pleased to say a I have lost 2 inches from my waist and an inch from my hips! I’m super pleased with that as wasn’t sure I would see much difference in 7 weeks but sure enough I feel a lot less bloated and I notice the toning of my tummy much more and after I work out I can really start to see some good definition coming. Now I know I still have only just stared this journey and ideally I would like to really firm up soooo much more but I’m taking steps in the right direction and I have to credit myself for sticking by it for the most part.

Exercising certainly brings it’s challenges when your working and have young children who aren’t yet at school as there really is no such thing as your spare time until they go to bed, although I do sometimes manage to do a workout with the support of my daughter who loves to try and copy me, she thinks it’s funny mummy jumping around the room looking a hot mess!

For me I love the variety of workouts that results with lucy offers and you never get bored plus you can choose to do more exercise than the routine that day by simply choosing some extra videos to workout alongside from other days. I like to try and get an extra abs exercise in if I can as that’s the area I wish to tone the most. I feel my core is getting much stronger but I can tell from having two children by c-section my abs were so so weak even 2.5 years on.

I think the key for me is making sure I’m enjoying it, not punishing myself or forbidding myself any food I might want as I just try and have treats or cheat days as for me it’s all about trying to get that happy balance. A little bit of what you want is OK every now and then. I’m not a calorie counter but I am now more aware of the food choices I make and try to be sensible.

So i’m looking forward to the second half of the programme and seeing if I make any further progress. I feel stronger and fitter and happier within myself and feels great to be exercising again, so I hope I smash the second half! I of course will write a post at the end with all measurements and photos. But for now here are a few before and after shots. I know it’s not a massive difference like I said, but for me I’m feeling much more confident about my body and wellbeing in general.

The photos of the left of each shot are the before shots, right the here and now. In the first pic my waist is starting to going in a bit…Though my love handles still need work on obviously.

Side angle shows a much tighter tummy and I’m starting to get a shapely butt due to all the squats I’m doing and definitely can see less cellulite around the backs of my thighs and bum.

After each workout I now have a Protein shake by She Protein too and I love the fact it tastes great but really helps my to rejuvenate and gives me the vitamins and minerals I need to repair and restore after a workout. It also mentally makes me feel like I’m really taking my fitness seriously too.

So that’s me and my embarrassing picture signing off for now. But I will say that it’s been a really positive influence in my life and although challenging at times to fit in with my life, Resukts With Lucy is absolutely the best workout plan / option for me being able to do it from home and around the busy routines of my children.

I will be back with a full post workout programme review in another 7 weeks! But as a summary I have had a loss of 2 inches on my waist. 1 inch on my hips, 2lbs off the scales and some core strength starting to build up…oh and slightly smaller boobs, but im very happy about that! Remember Dolls, Do it for yourself, or do it for others or to change your lifestyle. Whatever the reason, make sure you just try your best and that my loves is just perfect!


So wish me luck….here goes nothing…well actually I hope the mum tum goes! Check out all the Results With Lucy Plans here

See you soon guys and thanks for reading and don’t forget to give me a follow so you can come on this journey with me. Also don’t forget to give me a follow on Twitter:


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