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Bodymonth Beauty Box Subscription 

Hi Dolls,

So as a huge beauty box fan I love discovering new ones and this month is no exception. Today I’m going to talk about BodyMonth which is an online subscription service that caters for both men and women where by customers get all their daily essentials with the body-care subscription packages. You get to try new products every month while saving on what it would cost you to purchase them singularly from the shop.

There’s a standard box for £19 per month which is the box I received for reviewing purposes and then there’s the premium box which is £29 per month, both boxes contain beauty and pampering essentials, obviously with the premium box offering more high end brands, tracked delivery and more gifts and samples. However with the standard box along I was so pleasantly surprised with how many full-sized products and in the box – in fact 8 products are full size and there is something for every need, from skin care to hair care, to hair removal and so much more. There is even a choker and a mini box of cereal and body sponge included in addition to all the other products!


I’m happy to say I will use literally every single item bar the hair removal cream in the box which is such a plus for me as with lots of with subscription boxes I tend to get some products that are just too young or not suitable for me, whether it be because of colour or aimed at too young a target audience.

Lots of these products are the daily essentials that I would nip into boots for and although not necessarily pick all the specific items from these brands I definitely use some products from their range and I always need facial wash, shower gel, shampoo and deodorants etc, so this box offers all of those and plenty more for a much cheaper price plus I always love to discover new products and this box offers that as a great opportunity to do so.



In this months box where 3 full-sized products from the Simple brand. I do buy simple on occasion as I find its so gentle on your skin and I also feel happy to use the bath cream in my children’s bath so this product suits the whole family which is great. I will also use the shampoo on them too as I like to keep their products as clean and simple as possible. I use a lot of face wash but haven’t tried the simple one before but as my skin is having a freak out at the moment then this couldn’t have come at a better time so I’m hoping this will help to calm things down for me.



Also other practical products are soft and gentle deodorant – another product brand I use from time to time and I love the scent of this one. Vaseline Advanced Repair Lotion which I also love the smell of and Nair hair removal cream. I’ve not used hair removal cream before and unsure if I will to be honest as I find shaving so quick and easy so this may be gifted to someone!


Also included in the box was a body brush that is multi purpose and comes with 5 different heads that can be used for different areas on the body, I’m looking forward to trying this out to see how well it works. I already have a brilliant facial cleansing brush which will always be my go to cleansing brush but I do like the other features this brush offers.

So All in all I feel this is a great box that the values of the contents far exceeds the £19 price monthly subscription fee.  Visit Bodymonth to check out their subscription packages and sign yourself up for some montly essentials with some added treats too! Starting from just £19 a month with free delivery I think this is a fantastic and easy way of getting your daily essentials sent directly to your door with a surprise element of which brand you may receive! If you use the code “BODY15” at the checkout you will get 15% off too!

Now I don’t know about you but part of the reason I love subscription boxes so much is because I don’t know what treats are going to be inside and considering nearly all the products are full size that makes this even better! Thank you to Bodymonth to sending me this months box to review, I know I will get some really great use out of these products and some of them are already well into being used!

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