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The Bronzie Self Tanning Mitt That Every Girl Needs

Hi Dolls,

So if you’re like me and love to have a good tan then todays post could rock your world! There’s a revolutionary new tanning accessory on the block and it is about to reform your fake tanning regime and make your whole experience of ‘getting your tan on’ much much easier and its literally “Got Your Back”. This awesome mitt will tan your whole back and body in one so gone are the days of a patchy tan and trying to contort yourself into impossible positions trying to achieve that all over even tan.

Got your back is a 3 in one tanning mitt, which has two mitt ends to half your tanning time and also middle section to access your hard to reach areas such as your back, back of your thighs and your bum! It has clever elasticated section joining the sections of the mitt so you can pull on the mitt creating tension to work the tan deep into your skin but also offering flexibility and ease of use so the mitt can glide over your body. 

I used to have a spray tanning business so I know what a messy job tanning can be and how hard it can be to reach areas and give yourself an even tan which is a big part of why people simply have a spray tan, as they weren’t confident in applying their own tan without looking patchy and uneven and not being able to reach certain areas. But with the Bronzie mitt this takes all this worry away and makes self tanning super easy. You can ditch your old tanning gloves now and replace with your bronzie mitt because inside each mitt is a protective film to keep your hands stain free. I’ve had so many mitts that absorb too much product and it goes through to my hands. 

  • Made from luxurious double-sided velour material.
  • Extends to reach every part of your body.
  • Speeds up your tanning time.
  • Achieves an even streak free tan.
  • Washable & reusable.

Bronzie also offer awesome tanning onesies which is such a fab idea waiting for your tan to develop can sometimes be a messy experience so popping on a tanning onesie will enable you to carry on as normal without worrying about getting tan everywhere! visit their website here

This tanning mitt is a massive hit with me and highly recommend it. I love it for its fantastic design, it’s ease of use, the super soft material and also because each mitt is lined to stop and product seeping through to your hands. So for all you fake tan lovers, this mitt is just what you need! At just £14.99 it’s worth every penny. Especially as autumn is upon on…I’m going to be upping my fake tanning routine as I’m determined to feel good about myself and a tan always makes me feel better! 

Big thanks to Bronzie for sending me this essential tanning accessory 


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