From Ombre to Auburn – Home Hair Dye Job & Custom Dyed Hair Extensions

Good Evening Dolls,

With new seasons brings news fashions and new hair colours. I tend to be quite seasonal with my hair each year and as I have had ombre over the summer I decided it was time to step away from the bleach and although I can’t fully step away from hair dye altogether due to my ever-growing amount of grey hair, I felt it was time to switch up the colour and go for a warmer richer colour.

For those of you that have read any of my haircare related blog posts of follow my Instagram account Dolly Rockin Beauty then you will know that I have struggled with my hair for some time. I recently went through a long period of time where it was falling out by the handfuls, but thanks to finding some great hair care products that now seems to have subsided and my hair is starting to grow again.

Now we all love going to the Salon for a nice professional hair cut and colour however sadly for me I simply can’t afford this luxury very often and never really have the time so I often find myself reaching for the home dye kits. I know many people are scared of these home dyes and worried their hair will be patchy or ruined, but for me I tend to just give it a go and hope for the best! I’ve been using home dye kits for years and they have come a long way and I think I have tried every brand on the market! I have had mixed results but mainly good and if it all goes terribly wrong then I will just pop another colour on after making a mad dash to the drug store with a hat on!

Naturally I am a dull brunette. Sadly I’m not one of those people naturally blessed with rich chocolate glossy locks, no I have fairly dull and coarse hair that looks fairly flat with no warmth. However when I dye my hair my hair just sucks up all the dye so much and massively picks up any warmth in the dye. So for me I would put a chocolate colour on the top and comb it down my hair with my fingers to blend down to my ombre which was a fairly brassy blonde and although the graduation of my fade was pretty good for a home dye job, it did often look very dry.

So I thought I would share with you my Autumnal hair…going from a dry dark brown and blonde ombre to a warm copper / auburn injecting some gloss back into my locks. I really wasn’t sure between copper and auburn but in the end I ended up going for both. First up I dyed my hair a light copper. I stupidly only bought one box thinking that as my hair has got so thin of late that it would be enough to cover all my hair evenly. However I slightly misjudged that and although I did manage to dye all my hair, I was definitely still much lighter on the ends. So here is a shot after the first dye application:

So having taken the plunge I was really glad I did and I decided that I wanted the colour to be a bit richer so I went an chose another colour and bought 2 boxes this time. It was Light Auburn and I managed to dye both my hair and to dye my old Clip Hair Extensions so I was mega happy to have a perfect match with my old extensions that we just laying redundant in a drawer. Now they are slightly older extensions and well used but for now they are doing the job. I simply love Cliphair extensions and have always bought my hair extensions from them via ebay.

So here’s my hair now complete with custom dyed extensions – I think I may need to top up the dye fairly soon as blonde really seems to come back quickly on me so I’m going to reapply in another couple of weeks. All in all i’m so happy with it though and it feels so much better, healthier and less dry and it is actually shiny! Hurrah! For anyone that is considering using a hair dye for the first time then I say go for it! Maybe just get the advice from a hairdresser on which shade you might need.

I’m thinking that I will go a smidgen darker next time as the blonde is already coming through even after two hair dyes! I like to be darker for Autumn / Winter and then who knows what the spring might hold. But for now I’m excited to wear this shade and tone it in with the gorgeous warm and cosy fashions and styles we are all about to rock.

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