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Hi Dolls,

Recently I was contacted by which is a one-stop online shop for today’s most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparels. offer the latest fashion at really affordable prices with a vast selection of fashion and accessories available to choose from.

Now I’ve never done a blog on fashion / clothing before as makeup and beauty has always been my main focus but for me I think fashion and beauty go hand in hand as both are things that we utilise to express ourselves and build on what we are naturally given. Whether be to enhance our face or to enhance and accentuate our bodies and express our personalities in a very visual way. I’m not a massive fashion slave but I do follow the trends if I think they will suit my style and I’m always interested in seeing what other people wear and how they put their outfits together to give me some inspiration. My phone is full of screenshots of outfits I like!

Zaful basically gave me a budget to select some items for consideration for a blog post. At first I was skeptical if this was genuine but when I actually checked out the site I was really pleasantly surprised and there was so much stuff that I loved! I could have spent hours looking through all their products, there is literally everything and every style you would want. From swimwear to wooly hats and necklaces to handbags this site really is a one stop shop…and the prices; well they are incredibly competitive and I don’t think you would be able to match some of these prices on our British high street.

So once I started to look around the site I added one item of clothing to my basket as I figured it would be better to just have one item of clothing and then order more accessories to see their quality and if they really were as good as they looked in the photo for the small prices they are. And I’m pleased to say I’ve been really really impressed, and now I would definitely order more clothes from them.

So lets get down to what I ordered. For my item of clothing I chose a Khaki Bomber jacket for img_20160923_124055.jpgabout $30, I’ve had my eye on a khaki bomber for a while but I just wasn’t sure if I was borderline too old to rock one now! Being in my mid 30’s I am finding myself being ever more mindful about what I wear and even more so now I’m a mother also. I’m not saying age or motherhood defines me but I do think you need to think about what’s practical and what doesn’t make you look trashy or cheap. I’m generally not one for big bold colours or prints – I like to leave that to my kids, I prefer block colours of nudes, khaki, blue black or white. Generally my colour palette in terms of both fashion and makeup is fairly neutral but to me that’s what I feel most comfortable with and tones in well. Chic not trashy, expressive to my fairly shy self but enough to have my own style and vibe going on. As I’m getting older simplicity is becoming much better and more chic.  So I decided paired with a basic pair of skinny jeans and simple t-shirt I could just about pull off a bomber jacket.20161006_201828.png

I do really like this jacket though I did order one that’s slightly too big as I thought lots of times clothing from abroad can come up quite small but this didn’t at all. I will bear this in mind when making future purchases from Zaful.

Order the jacket here: Bomber Jacket $29.99

Next up was a couple of suede baseball caps. Again this is something I had been contemplating purchasing anyway and really wanted a burgundy one but hadn’t got round to buying one so I was delighted to see Zaful offered them in a multitude of colours and specifically one in a colour I had been looking for. I ordered a deep plum colour and a stone colour. When they arrived I was really happy with them. Baseball cap peaks can sometimes be totally off and have a really bad for being too big or the peak of them just being off but these were great and felt like really good quality especially for the price!

Check out the gorgeous suede effect baseball caps here:
Beige Baseball Cap
Burgundy Baseball Cap

The rest of my order I decided to allocate to jewellery. It’s such a weakness of mine. Though I may play it safe an understated fashion sense I do like to  accessories with statement jewellery. Like every other girl, I used to love wearing chokers back in the day, so at first when they re entered the high street I wasn’t sure if it was a trend I would buy into again as I had already been there but actually seeing them more and more I grew to love the styling of them again and bought a few from new look and ebay. So when I saw Zaful had a huge selection of chokers for ridiculously cheap prices I just had to have some.


So these chokers are lovely and were exactly what I wanted though I would have to say the quality isn’t fabulous but its again on a par with lots of cheaper high street shops like New Look and Primark. They are exactly the same as the ones you buy from ebay so as long as you don’t bc74ddc8-ce72-4b30-b486-ce18b0141f98.jpghave really high expectations then its all good. For the price I was more than happy. One of them did need a quick fix of the clasp but it was just a case of hooking it back on.

To view the chokers I chose click on the links below. I think my favourite is the brown suede studded style choker, especially since I have been unable to find any nice brown ones on the high street.
Alloy Choker $2.30
Simple Black Suede Effect Choker $2
Brown Suede Effect Choker $3.19

My favourite pieces if Jewellery I ordered was a gold and marble layered necklace and matching cuff. It’s so bang on trend at the moment with the marble and I have worn this so many times already. It does well with most necklines or on top of a polo neck. It adds a nice understated touch to your outfit and I’m slightly obsessed with geometric designs at the moment. The cuff is fairly soft metal so it can be squeezed or opened out to fit a wide variety of wrist sizes. This also comes in turquoise. Definitely one of my faves for sure.


I had so much feedback on these on my Instagram Page about these pieces. Really beautiful and bag on trend with the Geometric shapes and marble. Click on the links below to shop online.
Gold Layered Marble Necklace $2.67
Gold Marble Cuff Bracelet $2.07

Last up was a set of gold costume jewellery rings, these are super cute, super lightweight but really good for adding a quick accessorize fix to your outfit. Ring stacking is bang on trend and I really like you can choose to wear just one, a few or all depending on what you want. They are really easy to make bigger or smaller by just squeezing them so maybe it shows how soft the metal is but this works in your favour.


The Lovely ring set as mentioned is a great little set where you can stack your rings or just wear one or two at a time. Shop the rings here: Gold Ring Set $1.93

So what about the overall quality you say? Well I would say the item that stands out for the best quality would actually be the baseball caps. I wasn’t expecting that to be honest but they are really well made and as good as quality you would expect to find from online stores such as ASOS. The bomber jacket is of fair quality Probably on a par with Primark, its light weight and the zips etc are of good quality. It is very thin but I think the shower resistant material makes it a good lightweight jacket. The jewellery as mentioned before isn’t the most durable quality in the world but I don’t know much highstreet jewellery that is these days. If you put it on a par with Jewellery you might be from abroad on ebay or Primark. For the price I think its amazing and I absolutely will be order much much more from them. For that sort of price I don’t mind if it doesn’t last for years. You can literally style it up for each season and a really affordable price.

I would like to clarify I am not making money off this blog post it is simply of review of products sent to me. Stores like these are usually based out of the country –  so shipping does take a while. So aside from the long shipping times I think this is a great alternative as a place to shop online as long as you plan ahead to allow for longer shipping (standard shipping is free). The clothing is sold at cheaper prices which is nice for you dolls on a budget.

All of the items I ordered came in at about $50 which is about £40 and considering all the items I received I was really happy and it is considerably cheaper than some high street shops in the UK. I’m not one for designer brands as my budget simply wont allow it so I love to find affordable fashion and Zaful offers exactly that. Visit their online store here

I would love to say a Massive Thank you to Zaful for contacting me as I probably wouldn’t have come across your company otherwise and I’m so glad I have now. I’m already planning my next order now I know what the products are like! Zaful also have an Instagram so follow them here They have over 178k followers so you know they are a brand you can trust!

Hopefully I will be back soon with some more fashion blogs. Thanks for reading

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