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Little Known Box September Beauty Box Review

Hi Dolls,

Another month has gone flying past, and in fact two months since I last reviewed a monthly box from Little Known Box. Happily I was asked if I wanted to review the September Box and as I had thoroughly enjoyed previous boxes from Little Known Box I was thrilled to see what treats this box had inside.

So for those of you that don’t already know about Little Known Box, let me give you a little bit of background. Little Known Box fill their beautifully and classically designed boxes full of little known niche and emerging brands for you to discover and enjoy. Each month they search the beauty to world to bring some great offerings to the comfort of your on home and I think this is such a fab way of discovering new products as so many other beauty products seem to have some fairly ‘stock’ items and brands within your beauty boxes that you can often end up with multiples of the same product. But with Little Known Box this isn’t an issue.

One of the things I have always loved about the box – besides the obvious of the boxes being crammed full of products is the way in which they put their boxes together. Its simple detailing is so chic and its wrapped up beautifully if feels so luxurious. It always feels like such a treat receiving a box from Little Known Box.

So lets take a look inside:


Lash Unlimited false lashes RRP £2.50
Yay I was so pleased to get a pair of lashes, this is a first for me in a beauty box and I would love to see more of these! I have somewhat of false lash addiction and  actually have a drawer in my dressing table specifically for my false lashes. Crazy I know but for me false lashes add so much glamour to your look and really open up the eyes and with a very simple look just by adding lashes you can look instantly more groomed and feminine. I follow Lash Unlimited on Instagram and have for some time and have always thought their lashes looked good but I never realised quite how affordable they are! They lashes look gorgeous and really remind me of the Ardell wispies or red cherry lashes but these are much more affordable at just £2.50, or 3 pairs for £6.00 Enter 3PAIRS at the checkout.


Nanshy 4 in 1 Marvel Blender – RRP £5.95
Beauty blenders are as common place on vanity tables just as much as makeup brushes now. So many brands are out there with some really great ones as well as some cheap alternatives. I have tried quite a few of these blenders and for me I generally use these to apply my foundation over a brush. Brushes I often find can leave lines and really need to be buffed quite hard into the skin, and although I go through phases I always find myself going back to my blender for a more flawless finish. I haven’t tried Nanchy before so again this was a great product to receive as beauty blenders need washing our very regularly so its great to have a whole pile of them to use in case you haven’t had time to clean one. Nanchy’s Marvel blender is non-allergenic, odour free and latex free. Plus all of Nanchy’s products are 100% vegan. It feels super soft to touch and for me I wont wet this sponge before use as its good to go and I don’t really like to dampen my sponges before use if they are already soft and blend the product well.


Epic Blend Vegan Lip Balm -RRP £$3.49
As the nights draw in and the leave fall from the trees, chap lips start to become a common occurrence so its great to see a lip balm in the box. This wild berry lip balm is a a vegan balm that doesn’t contain any petrolium, gluten or GMO’s. It can also be used as a base for your lipstick, I think it would be great as a base for the super drying liquid matte lipsticks we all love, however I gifted this  lipbalm to my friend at work as she is Vegan and I knew she would really appreciate it. Even though I know I totally would have used it, I think its nice to treat others with little gifts and products that they would enjoy.


Peeks Cosmetics Matte Lipstick $12.00
“Our soft sexy, no chapping, satin creamy matte lipsticks glide on silky smooth and give you moisturized full-coverage fabulous beautiful looking lips”

Enriched with Vitamin E this lipstick is a really beautiful colour for autumn and Peeks Cosmetics is a completely new brand to me. I’m looking forward to wearing this over the coming months and would now be interested to try further makeup products from this cosmetic brand.


Siskin Skincare Oils RRP £32.00 (30ml)

“Blended with 18 luxurious plant and flower oils our Frankincense & Jasmine Night Facial Oil is a superstar blend with powerful healing and regenerating properties. This amazing face oil includes vitamin rich Rosehip for it’s potent ability to increase collagen production with soothing Calendula to help even skin tone and exquisite Baobab to aid skin maintenance.”

If you are new or wary of trying face oils like I have been in the past then this is a a really oil to try. This night time oil will leave your skin feeling balanced and nourished by morning. I’ve been using this a lot since I received it and I love the smell of it and how it gradually absorbs into my skin overnight. I have combination skin but in amongst that I definately have dehydrated skin so this is an ideal overnight treatment.


 So once again Little Known Box have impressed me with their box. Stand out products to would probably be the Siskin oil but I love false lashes so although the lash unlimited lashes was amongst the cheapest items in the box I love the style of these so really pleased to have them. 

You can buy a one-off box for £15.95 or subscribe monthly for £14.95 or to one of their packages to save money. So if you are after lots of beauty treats each month from little known brands then its well worth checking out Little Known Box you won’t be disappointed! October is Little Known Box’s 6th box so it’s a special edition for October – including extra bonus items and two products from premium/luxury brands so it’s a great month to try out their offering.  I’m sure you will be as thrilled with their products as I have been. 

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