Date Night Subscription Box – Wine & Wishes – Inject some Romance Back into your relationship

Hi Dolls,

For those of you that follow my instagram account you will know that I kindly got sent a wonderful package from a brand new subscription box called Date Night. So the name really says it all, Date Night is a monthly subscription service aimed at couples with busy lives who do not have time to treat themselves to proper time together but want to start putting some romance back into their relationship and reintroduce the distant memory of a date night!

This is a surprise date night in a box, delivered to your door meaning there are NO excuses for not spending quality time together! You don’t need to worry about what spark you might introduce as date night does the thinking for you with each month offering a different theme of special time you spend together as a couple.  Now for me I was so excited to get the opportunity to review and blog about this date night, but in reality it was over a month before we even got the opportunity of a date night! And I didn’t realise how much time we let pass without taking time out for ourselves as a couple.


When you become a parent kids take over take over your life, and days, weeks and months pass before you think about your relationship and how important it is and to take some quality time out as a couple.  But I was ever mindful that we had this date night waiting in the wings and it really drove me to wanting to find the time.

The Owner of date night says “Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a month, a year or a decade, Date nights are something you should enjoy together regularly because everyone needs that quality time to reconnect and rediscover each other as the people you fell in love with right at the beginning” And she is absolutely right, it’s too easy to forget to put aside quality time as adults who enjoy each others company when you have children.

What’s so good about Date Night?

1. It gets you away from the everyday grind and allows couples to focus on each other.
2. It’s fun & lets couples explore new experiences together, always with a touch of luxury.
3. It’s a commitment – to regular time with each other and making the relationship a priority.
4. Everything is included in the box – no prep needed, just open and enjoy.
5. All the dates can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home – so no excuses.


What’s included?

So I received the wine and wishes date night box and oh my goodness what a treat! When my postie rang the bell I had no idea what was inside as the box was so heavy, and when I opened it…wow…just wow. It is beautifully put together and every last detail is considered. It has a lovely personalised card with mine and my partners names and then a wonderful selection of goodies to enjoy a perfect date night in together.

As this was wine and wishes it offered a beautiful selection of wines to try and share and a wine tasting game to accompany them to add a little fun into your wine tasting and make more of an evening of it. They came in amazing glass tubes, which I have never seen before and I absolutely loved that! So so different and a great way to try different wines that you maybe wouldn’t have come across before.

Also it had special wish tickets inside…I’m not going to give too much away but I’m sure we have all seen books of wish tickets before and how fun they can be if you are willing to not take things too seriously and just have a laugh.

We also got a couple of amazing chocolates which were soooo delicious I could have eaten far too many of these. But they were definitely a luxurious treat. And finally we also got a grow your own wine kit – again this is a good bit of fun and obviously this doesn’t happen in one night, so I’ve put my kit to work and seeing if I can actually grow some seeds in the kit – though I’m not the most green fingered person, so maybe I might just go and buy my wine rather than fail miserably to grow it! It is fun trying it though.


Date Night officially launched in October but have a holding site up at the moment ( with a waiting list for people to sign up for a notification when we launch along with 50% off their first box if you already registered your interest previously before the website launched – I know some of my instagram followers follwoing my insta posts about this amazing subscription box. You will need to sign up before 27th October to get a heavenly date night for November, so be quick ladies and gents!

The price will be £39.95 per month, great value for the quality and originality of the products. Every month is different where Date Night work with artisan producers and suppliers to create a unique experience for every one of our couples to really feel like they’re treating themselves each month, but with an affordable price tag. for me I just love the idea of it being a treat for you and your partner each month to share and enjoy together and it simply arrives straight to your door – it can’t get much easier than that right?

Another thing I believe is that this would make a fabulous wedding gift or anniversary gift to your partner or a couple you know. It’s unique, it luxurious and it’s really about investing in yourselves as a couple and taking that time out to share the love, and for me its n absolutely fab concept!


Thank you so much for sending this box to me Date Night, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the box.

Don’t forget to check out Date Night on their website


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