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Covershoot Cosmetics

Hi Dolls,

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a brand new an emerging brand called Covershoot Cosmetics. As it happens I had seen one of their products in Savers before and thought it looked pretty good, but I didn’t proceed to purchase so when Covershoot got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out their new products I was really happy to. Covershoot Cosmetics offers a small range of products at very affordable prices with more new products soon to be released – they have released lots of products even since receiving my box of goodies!

Covershoot kindly sent me a box of their products to try and I couldn’t wait to get started in using them – The contouring palette and eyeshadow palette looked brilliant and I felt they offered really chic packaging far superior to the price tag.


Covershoot Eyebrow Kit – £2.99 in Savers

Covershoot Eyebrow Kit is an ideal palette to fill in and fix your brows, . This Covershoot Eyebrow Kit consists of 3 colours Black, Brown, Beige and a Primer. This combination of colours works with all skin tones to create whatever brow you choose and is create soft or defined brows or an ombre brow.

I think this is a fabulous brow palette as it’s a brilliant size but the product works really well and stays all day. You can pick this up in savers for just £2.99 and I think that’s too good not to buy at that price! Also comes with a brush and tweezers so basically pick this up and your ready to have a good brow day!


Covershoot Contouring Kit £5.99

This Covershoot Contouring Kit consists of 3 shades (Highlight, Medium & Dark), the combination of shades works with all skin tones to create whatever look you wish and it designed to be used as a contour, bronze and highlight. There are many cream Contouring Kits on the market and they are designed to enhance your features, define your looks and create an illusion of having a slimmer more sculpted face,  Higher cheekbones, a slimmer nose  and a softer jaw line.

I’ve got a few cream contour palettes already and I really like them generally but I tend to keep them for full makeup days and if I’m going full glam, otherwise I stick to powder bronzer.  I really like the design and size of this palette and the sizes of the colours themselves, they should last well and it’s easy to.get your brush in there to get the product onto your brush.

I did find the first time I tried it, it felt a little cakey on my face and didn’t blend well as it was a little too solid to work with. But I persevered and tried again another time and used a different brush and really buffed it out and it looked much better. A recommendation I had via Facebook was to add a drop of oil to make products such as these become easier to work with.i will defiantly be trying that tip!


Covershoot Smokey / Neon Eyeshadow Palettes

Covershoot Neon Eyes Palette has 5 super bright neon eye shadow colours, it’s a small compact palette and for me it’s just too bright and far too young for me. I like neutral tones and this is far from that! I might use this as a fun makeup look or would be ideal for fun fancy dress parties and festivals but this just isn’t my style. I used it for a Halloween look, colour payoff is OK but I wouldn’t highly recommend this, it feels a bit to budget for me.

The Smokey palette is much more wearable but again this one didn’t leap out as really good quality unlike the eyebrow palette so it’s not one I’ve reached to use. I will definitely try a few looks with it at some point though.


Covershoot Cosmetics Twist Pot Nail Polish Remover

This twist pot works almost instantly & effectively removes nail polish. I have used twist pots before and think they are a great, simple and no fuss way to remove your polish and are great a space-saving instead of having lots of bottles and cotton wool taking up valuable space!

You simply  just Insert your finger into the sponge and Twist your nail against the sponge until the polish has been removed. Simple as that! You’re good to go and proceed to choose your next mani colour!

Overall I have been impressed with the brow palette the most at £2.99 I think it offers a great product. The eyeshadows aren’t really my style and do feel they have a much more budget look and feel about them. The Eyeshadow palette market is fierce at the moment and these don’t quite come u to par for me.  The contour palette I’m looking forward to experimenting with over the next few weeks to find the best application – the twist pot is great and would repurchase.


As I mentioned before their range is expanding quickly and I would definitely try some of their other products. Covershoot Cosmetics is now available in Poundland, Savers and Amazon. You can also visit their social media pages:


Instagram: @covershootcosmetics
Facebook: Covershoot-Cosmetics
You Tube:

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