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My daughters First Child Model Brand Ambassador Job with Alexa’s Boutique 

Hi Dolls

Anyone that actively follows my blog, instagram or Twitter knows I’m a working mother of 2 beautiful children. Millie aged 3 and Riley aged 2.

Like all mothers I’m so incredibly proud of my children – who isn’t right?! and of course I think my children are beautiful in every way…and a big handful at times but that’s all part of the challenges of motherhood!

In September I saw an opportunity from an amazing clothing Boutique called Alexa’s Boutique who make absolutely beautiful handmade clothing, mainly for children but they do make adults clothes too and they were on a brand ambassador search for 3 girls to represent their brand and wear their clothes.

I put Millie forward as a hopeful candidate and she got offered a 4 month position to represent their beautiful brand. I was simply overjoyed! I have always thought Millie would make a lovely little model and people always tell me she should, but my little Millie is also very strong-willed and like a Diva at times so the thought of putting her on a modeling shoot didn’t seem possible.

However with a brand representative position it offers a great opportunity to Model clothes from the comfort of their own home and surrounding the are most familiar with and feel safe in around the people they love.

Each month Millie will get sent a lovely clothing package showcasing some of Alexa’s Boutiques beautiful handmade clothing. All lovingly made to measure for your child.

So let’s have a little look at the outfits Millie received to showcase in her first parcel.

The Rainbows and Unicorns Peasant style dress is stunning and of course captures the heart of any 3 year old. With soft cotton material, a bright and vibrant print and plenty of room for the child to still play and get up to mischief comfortably in this dress is its a great super girly yet everyday wearable dress that could be layered with a poloneck underneath in the colder months or perfect on its own in summer. It is ideal to wear casually or a perfect party dress.  millie absolutely loved this one and loves the fact it has Unicorns on it!


This dress comes made to order in ages 0-12 and prices start from £21.

The Royal Stewart Brushed cotton skirt is an absolutely beautiful tartan material skirt that is wonderfully soft with an elasticated waistband for flexibility and comfort for your child. I’m a huge fan of tartan around this time of year anyway and think children look super cute on those colours so I was delighted to have this skirt complete with a matching bow which can be ordered from £2 each depending on size.


One of my favourite items in the bundle is the Check Reindeer Blouse – it is absolutely beautiful and the attention to detail and the quality of the sewing is incredible. It has a peter pan style collar which I adore, 3/4 length sleeves and my favourite design feature is extra-large wooden buttons on the back of the shirt. You can get the shirt made to order in ages 2-10 years and prices start from £26 (or from £35 when ordered with the Royal Stewart skirt).

The shirt has tiny black polkadots and leaping tartan reindeer’s on it and is so cute and perfect for the winter months. I think the Royal Stewart skirt and reindeer blouse will be Millie’s Christmas day outfit this year complete with her matching tartan bow.


Another festive item that Millie received was a Happy Holidays Twirly Skirt. I have to say when Millie put this skirt on she instantly sat down and stared at all the wonderful Christmas characters and candy canes on it. Millie is finally coming to an age where Christmas is really magical to her and it was wonderful to watch her lose herself in the Christmas wonderland skirt.


So also loved playing with the fabric and ‘swishing and sashaying’ around in it! She instantly became cheeky in this little skirt and that was funny to see. The skirts waistband is elasticated which again is ideal for giving the child the optimum comfort and also lends itself to be worn higher or lower on the waist.


For me this is a perfect little party skirt and great for all the upcoming Christmas do’s we all have coming up. Its super cute and age appropriate for my little girl. You can order these skirts from £12 and are available from 12 months to 12 years.

Finally Millie also kindly received a beautiful floral cord bow which again I ADORE. one of my all time favourite style of dress I love on Millie is needle cord floral dresses especially pinafore ones, so to have a cord bow to match with some of her existing cord outfits I have excites me! I love to co-ordinate her clothes so much and this bow just popped in over her messy top knot just looks perfect on her.


So what are my overall thoughts? Well I’m sure you can tell I have been delighted with every single item. The quality is amazing and I love the fact they are made to measure, however one other thing that really stands out to me is that my daughter loved every item too! It really goes to show that Cally the owner of Alexa’s Boutique really understands children’s fashions and clothing and what works well and what children like. Being  a mother herself Cally has poured her heart and soul into every piece of clothing and you can tell.

For me dressing your child in something that has been made especially for them is really something quite magical and gives you a real sense of pride in their outfits. Every time Millie has been out and about in Alexa’s outfits she gets so many smiles and comments, she is a very very lucky girl to have been given this wonderful opportunity and we are super excited to model, wear and enjoy more clothes from this wonderful boutique.


I would like to say a huge Thanks to Cally at Alexas Boutique for all your hard work and generosity for such a lovely delivery of clothes for my little Millie Della Rose.

Check out Alexa’s Boutique other amazing garments here or visit their Instagram page here or their facebook page here

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