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Results With lucy New Beginnings Plan Results

Hi Dolls

So I made it to the end of my Results with Lucy New Beginnings fitness plans and as promised I would like to share my final thought and end results of the programme.

So if you follow my instagram accounts of which I have two: one is Dolly Rockin Beauty which is mainly a beauty and lifestyle account, and the other is Dolly Rockin Fitness where I solely focus on fitness and wellbeing and my journey to become fitter and healthier. You will know that I’ve been putting myself through my paces with the Results with New Beginnings Plan. It’s a 13 week introductory plan to set you up on the path to taking a steady and healthy approach into exercise and getting fit and healthy.

This is the script for the New Beginnings Plan:

This is it, girls! The complete workout and nutrition plan for Beginners, or those getting back into fitness.


We’ve pulled together all of the best fitness experts to give you loads of variety in your workouts, to make sure you’re working hard and having lots fun – as that’s what kept me motivated!

And there’s no excuse to miss a workout, as we’ve structured them all into a plan for you. You’ll be working out 4 times a week, so get ready to grab your trainers, girls!

3 Month Plan for Beginners

  • Progressive Workout Plan

  • Daily Meal Plan & Nutrition Guidance

  • Optional Food Delivery Service

For me I absolutely loved doing this programme and it is the only exercise programme that I have really stuck to and seen through properly and for 3 months! The results for me were steady and gradual and I have to admit initially I had unrealistic expectation of how far my progress would be after the programme, But this is a beginners programme and actually it is pitched perfectly and offered achievable workouts that weren’t too long or too hard.

As mentioned in my half way blog post of the programme, what I found to be one of the best things from doing this plan is that it really changed my attitude towards healthy living and exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to eat the things I love, I’m a firm believer that you should indulge in the things you love every now and then, but everything in moderation.

So here is my before, midway and end of programme shots:


The area for me that I was most unhappy about was my tummy. Like many mums that area of my body has never felt the same since having kids. So this has been a real motivator for me in the exercise process to try and tone this area up and I’m really happy to see there is some real visible results showing now.

My weight hasn’t much changed, It still goes up and down anywhere between 9stone and 9 stone 3lbs, and I’m pretty happy with that. My clothes feel better but I think I need to go out and purchase a load of new bras as my bust size has definitely dropped a cup size or 2!

There are some amazing recipes on the plan and I wish I had followed the diet much more, but I have definitely made some much healthier diet choices and I am much more mindful about what I eat and I am really starting to love cooking and creating meals. My partner is a Chef so this isn’t really something I usually do, but it feels great to be taking some more responsibility for my own diet and well-being.

Measurements before and after:

Chest 34″ After 32″
Waist 30″ After 27.5″
Tummy 36″ After 32″
Arms 10″ After 9″
Thighs 21″ After 18″

All in all I loved this plan, I truly did. It’s level is pitched perfectly for beginners or those easing themselves back into exercise. The workouts are varied and fun and there is such a great network of support on social media from other girls on the Results with Lucy Plans. The New beginnings plan is £49 which I think is amazing value, and if someone offered me for my body to change the way it has for just £49 and some hard work and dedication, then I would absolutely take it!

If you are considering starting to exercise again then I 100% think results with Lucy is a truly brilliant online exercise platform that will make you feel good from the inside out and really change your whole attitude and approach to exercising up to 4 times a week.

There are various plans on-line, from beginners, intermediate or for those already fit who are looking to maintain their fitness and take it to the next level. There is also student plans and solo plans so there really is something for everyone.

So this is me, at the end of the New Beginnings, I still have a long way to go to achieve my personal goals, but I’m delighted to be moving onto the Results With Lucy intermediate programme called Wobble to Model.


To sign up to a totally fab Results with Lucy plan that meets your needs and fitness levels click here

So come on girls, let’s get on this next stage of fitness together! Support, motivation and inspiration is everything when it comes to fitness! See you soon guys and thanks for reading and don’t forget to give me a follow so you can continue on this journey with me. Also don’t forget to give me a follow on Twitter: @Dollyrockin and my instagram page: Dolly Rockin Beauty or my fitness Instagram page Dolly Rockin Fitness

Lots of love

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