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My Top 5 Foundations for 2016

Hi Dolls,

So I one of the questions I get asked about the most on my instagram account Dolly Rockin Beauty is “what is my fave foundation”.  So I thought I would do a quick post on my top 5 Foundations I have been using in 2016.

First up lets start with my holy grail product.  Estee Lauder Double Wear. This foundation is my favourite product out of everything I own and the one product I consistently repurchase. At £30 a pop it’s at the more expensive price point but not in the realms of some other brands such as Giorgio Armani and Chanel. It’s as far as my budget stretches but it offers me absolutely everything I want in a foundation.

For a person with some scaring and uneven skin tone then this foundation offers a high coverage with a flawless finish when applying with a beauty sponge. It has a fantastic colour range and full coverage and the staying power is fantastic. I can wear this all day without touching up at all, maybe just a quick powder and your good to last the whole day.

I truly can’t ever see myself not reaching for this foundation. I wear Tawny when I have a tan and dawn for my paler months of the year.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light

So as I love double wear so much it comes as no surprise that I would like their ‘light version’. This foundation is my ‘go to’ in the summer months when my skin is have clear and tanned days. It actually does offer a really good coverage still and I would put it in the ‘medium coverage’ range personally. It’s great for evening out skin tone, giving a beautiful flawless finish on your skin, blending beautifully yet letting your skin breathe and feel much less heavy in terms of the amount of foundation you have on.

It is buildable also so can be used to get a higher coverage though I would suggest that defeats the object of this foundation. I think this foundation is lovely to use with a light reflecting primer to give you a fresh summery dewy finish.

It lasts well throughout the day, however the only thing going I would say is that the colour range isn’t great so it may not be suitable for all skin tones. However I’m Lucky in that it’s great for me and I really love getting the quality of product from double  wear but a much lighter formula.

Revlon Colorstay

So this foundation is one of, if not the closet foundation I have tried as a high street foundation match to double wear. It is very thick like doublewear and a medium to high coverage. It’s buildable and they offer two ranges, for normal or oily skin.

For the money I think this is a good foundation. I have bought about 5 bottles of it and have it in multiple shades so I would say it’s a testament to how good I think it is. It does say it lasts 24 hours – personally I would challenge that. I think it lasts well throughout the day with no touch ups but 24 hours? No.

Again the colour selection isn’t massive so foundation drops may be good to listen or darken this foundation if needed. The only real negative I would say is that I find it does oxidize on my skin slightly so I have to be mindful of that when choosing my shade.

But if you are looking for a cheaper version to double wear I’m not sure you are ever going to find it. Or if you do then let me know! However this is about as close as I have found and think it’s a great foundation if you don’t want to spend too much. I think it’s about £12 a bottle but it’s often on offer in boots pharmacy.

Maybelline FIT Me 

OK so I seen lots of rave reviews about this foundation and when I spotted it in Savers for less than £5 I had to try it out. Well let me tell you I was super impressed. I find that this is a good summer foundation.  It feels very light on your skin but the coverage is actually pretty good. It does oxidize though for sure so worth baring that in mind. Definately swatch before you buy. The colour range in savers wasn’t great, maybe 6 shades? But I have two different shades and they work well for me.

I would say the staying power is much less than double wear or colorstay but at that price I would expect that. Good foundation and I have purchased 3 bottles since the summer but now it’s winter it hasn’t been used hardly at all.

Lola Picture Perfect foundation. 

This foundation is pitched as a light to medium coverage, but for me it was really buildable and offered a really good coverage without feeling cakey on my face at all. It lasts well all day for me and although I think this might be a foundation I reach for when my skin is having ‘a good day’ I think its a great option to have in my makeup kit. In terms of its price point of being £19.00 it is a little more expensive than most high street foundations but personally I feel Lola makeup places itself somewhere between high street and high-end so the price is about right in terms of this.

So comment below what your fave foundations are, I would live to hear your recommendations

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