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Hi Dolls,

So I’m not sure about you but I just love the idea of having a brilliant white smile. I always notice people’s teeth and I think it can play a big role in someone’s confidence and self-esteem.  Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to enhance your looks and can take years off your looks and can rid you of the tale tales signs of aging, coffee, red wine and cigarettes. Everyone desires to feel good about themselves and rightly so.

For years I have thought that I would love to have my teeth professionally whitened by a qualified dentist who would absolutely choose the best treatment option for me but it has just never been something I have been able to afford. However to my delight I have been offered a great opportunity to experience and review a great teeth whitening method called Enlighten right here in Exeter at a private dental practice called Inspired Dental Care. So of course I was so pleased to be asked and agreed to go along for a consultation.

So here my journey for brighter whiter healthier looking teeth begins and I want to take you along on the process with me by giving updates, my thoughts and of course showing the Results!

Anyone that follows my blog or social media will know that I have tried whitening products in that past. Both whitening strips and toothpaste and in fact one of my blog posts that gets the most hits is about whitening strips. However until I visited Inspired Dental Care I had no idea I was potentially damaging my teeth by doing so! Not only by strips but by the whitening toothpaste too! This was alarming to me!

So that said, lets start at the very beginning of my journey to looking after my teeth more, being much more aware of the products I use and actually listening too and taking the advice of expert dentists in terms of achieving my pearly white goals.

Enlighten have registered dental practices  all over the UK that offer their safe and effective whitening procedures and I was asked if I would be interested in attending a consultation at private Dentists in Exeter called Inspired Dental Care. After doing a bit of research online I thought that this sounded like a fantastic opportunity to achieve the bright smile I’ve always longed after. So I booked myself in for a consultation to see if I would be suitable.

Inspired Dental Care in right on Exeter High street in an amazing central location and a 2 minute walk from my work so it was ideal. Upon walking I knew that this was a  reputable place that I could trust and was excited to have my consultation!

img_20161218_095412.jpgFirst impression really count to me and like most I make a quick snap judgement of someone or a place within seconds! Now the first impression of Inspired dental was the Wow factor it gave me. It is nothing like the dentists I have visited before, it was modern yet comfortable with great styling and I was given a very warm welcome by the practice manager Hannah and Co-owners / Principle dentists Andre Faro Leite & Amish Bhayani.

After going through some form filling and general and oral health questions I was taken through for my examination to see if my teeth would be suitable for the whitening process. Both teeth and gums were thoroughly checked and I was delighted to have the all clear and proceed to get moulds taken to be sent off for the trays to be made to start my Enlighten teeth whitening process. IT takes about two weeks for the lab to make the trays so I booked myself in for another appointment to go in and collect the trays and whitening product to start my two-week at home whitening plan.

The Treatment:

Enlighten Evolution Whitening is a combination treatment meaning that there is an initial consultation and check up ensuring your oral health is good enough for the whitening process where you will then have moulds done of your teeth to send of to the lab for trays, then you go back and pick up the trays and gel and there is a 2 week home treatment where you wear the trays with the solution each night and finally followed up by a 1 hour visit to the dentist to check the results and your teeth.

Enlighten works by increasing the tooth‘s permeability to oxygen which breaks down stain molecules. Enlighten can whiten up to 16 shades lighter but it will very much depend on the initial colour of your teeth. I actually have quite white teeth anyway according to Andre (The dentist) which is great, so hopefully my teeth should really brighten and whiten nicely and I will absolutely achieve the results I want. White but not fake looking as they are my own natural teeth and not veneers which can sometimes look over the top.

With Enlighten I have been told that I may experience some sensitivity (which you get with most teeth whitening) however you can get desensitising swabs from your dentist. I was also given and tube of tooth serum toothpaste to brush with and use for the two weeks while my trays were being made which will help with sensitivity.


Inspired dental care offer 3 whitening options – Enlighten Evolution 3, Enlighten B1 Guaranteed or Enlighten In-Office Teeth Whitening. The process that has been chosen for me is the Home kit which is £475. However they also offer a whitening Wednesday offer where all whitening treatments are 50% off! How amazing is that! All the teeth whitening treatments and prices are on the inspired Dental Care website here  and they often run other promotions.


As you can see my teeth are fairly ok looking but not very bright and I do definitely have some staining as I’m a coffee drinker so I’m super excited to see the results of my Enlighten Whitening and will of course to a follow-up blog post with the full before and after shots of my teeth showing the comparison and my experiences of the whole process. So far though I’m been really impressed with the service I have received and really glad I have been introduced to Inspired Dental Care who also offer great dental services including Invisaline braces other services such a facial aesthetics.

So with the new year fast approaching I thought what a great way to start a brand new year…with a brighter whiter smile and feeling more confident about myself and I cant wait to get started next week!

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