As the year draws to an end…

Hi Dolls, 

2016 is drawing near it’s close and I was starting to think about the things that a happened this year. For the most part it’s been a really good year. Challenging at times but that’s life right?! I feel I have grown as a person, a mother, a partner and a blogger. There are lots of aspects in life I can improve on but what I have really discovered this year is to try and stop piling so much pressure on myself and try not to worry about what the people who don’t matter think about me as truly the people I choose and want to be in my life are, and those I don’t aren’t! And those that constantly try to put you down leave them to it! Though since my 30’s I’m glad to say I’ve left petty drama behind me. 

I feel my job within the voluntary and community sector has shifted massively and each day there are real struggles and issues I see people going through…and I am talking serious issues here. It really does put things into perspective of what you do actually have and what you should be thankful for and celebrate that. Sometimes I think I need to keep reminding myself of that when I can slip into feeling a little blue about things. But what I do feel is that I’m really trying to contribute in a really positive way and I’m lucky that my job enables me to do that. Next year I’m set to do a teaching qualification followed by a peer mentoring course and these will help to further my knowledge and career. 

Home life has been amazing yet incredibly hard looking after two young rascals who keep me so incredibly busy but this week my partner told me that he thought I was a really great mum and although the context in which he said it to his work mates was hilarious, he did genuinely mean it and sometimes it’s really easy to overlook how amazing a parent your partner is to your children and that although you sometimes  (ok a lot of the time) live in chaos with emotions running at a million miles an hour and changing like the wind…it’s your chaos and your family and you are a self sufficient little family unit who all counter balance one another and are held together through absolute love for one another. That’s pretty special.  

My health seems to have been hard for me this year, possibly down to thyroid but I think mostly down to stress and anxiety. It’s something that I’m working on and I have set myself for goals for 2017 to set things back on track. Ive had the all clear from cardiolgogy whij has been such a relief. My health in terms of fitness is great and I haven’t been this fit for years! After a continous run of illness I had to take a few weeks off but since staring Results with lucy online fitness plans my body feels great and I’m loving seeing some Results now. So 2017 is when I really want to smash my body goals and feel totally at ease in a bikini again.  Remember summer bodies are made in winter girls! 

And finally my blogging. It’s mostly been a good year, my instagram is still my fave place to talk about beauty as it offers a quick opportunity to snap pics of the things you have been trying or loving and I don’t have the time to write blog post after blog post of every single product I try as I have so many other priorities and quite frankly I would bore the hell out of you! But I do love to sit and blog in the evening once the kids are in bed and have some ‘me time’ but it’s a fine balance as that’s also the time I need to spend with my man too and it’s good just to ‘switch off’ sometimes.

I aim to work on my blog next year and switch up the look and maybe go self hosted, think about what content I put up and  plan to schedule things better. But what I do know is my blog is my own little plot on the net and there will always be people that like to try and say things to attack you or put you down but as long as I enjoy it, it’s truly all that counts. I admire All bloggers that put hours and hours of their time into their blogs, I salute you I really do! But whilst I have two such young children and a very busy  work / life schedule I have to ensure family and work comes first and I feel a have a good balance. Blogging for me isn’t about free products as must people wrongly assume you do it for. No chance for the time it takes to take photos, do layouts and actually writing the post it’s absolutely not that easy or worthwhile to do it for those reasons. For me I do it to have some ‘me time’ a little job for myself that’s something I’m passionate about – beauty and lifestyle choices. And that’s my genuine reasons and nobody can change that no matter what.  It’s easy to let go of your interests when you are always so busy but I think it’s really important to take that time out and feel like you are doing someone for yourself and what you enjoy. 

I will be putting up a 2017 goals blog up before new year and until then will further be reflecting on what I want to try and achieve next year! For now though…it’s time to enjoy the festive season with my family! 


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