Brow Game Strong with Microblading *

Hi Dolls,

So I’m not sure if it’s the same for you but I’ve really noticed brows take centre stage in the beauty industry this year. It seems everyone is on a journey to achieve the perfect brow and there are so many options, products and methods of how to do this. Some people are born with good brows and some people lived through the era where small brows were ‘in’ and I over plucked mine and have spent years regretting it! So whether you favour pencil, powder, pomade or growing them out using the HD brows technique there is a new method that’s about to take 2017 by storm –  microblading.

Microblading is the latest brow beauty procedure to explode onto the beauty industry and both beauticians and their clients are going crazy over this new treatment and its set to become even more popular in 2017. I think 2016 has massively been about HD brows but some people just simply don’t want to go through the long process of growing out their brows to get their desired brows and this is where Microblading comes in.

So what is Microblading you well ask? Well its a technique where they tattoo your brows giving you the perfect shape, definition and colour brows for your face giving you more confidence and no longer having to worry about ‘drawing’ your brows on each day and more often than not having one good brow and an evil sister who just won’t play the game and before you know it your brows can look a little crazy and over done! Don’t worry honey…we have all been there!

The Uk’s leading brow specialist Karen Betts who is the founder of HD brows has over 20 20161221_235828.pngyears experience of the microblading technique and has now  her own ‘Elite Team’ microblading or using a Permanent Cosmetics Machine called the Noveau Contour Intelligent. Karen has trained each and every member of her team herself and now there are clinics popping up throughout the UK in London, Pontefract and Cheshire. Sadly there are no clinics near me but hopefully the more this beauty treatments grows in popularity the more clinics will open.

The aim of the treatment using the microblading tool is to give you natural looking brows mimicking the natural direction of your eyebrows with great definition to give a much more natural look. It can be really hard to achieve this using brow pomades or pencils and powders, so its great if you can leave it to the experts to find the right shape for your face and give you the brows you have always wanted.

Now as I haven’t tried this myself I couldn’t say if it hurts or not, but I have heard it is a similar sensation to a scratch but it doesn’t really hurt. After first getting the treatment the area will look darker but it will fade within 3-4 days to the desired brow colour. On average treatment takes about an hour.

20161222_000235.png              20161222_000302.png

I would love to try microblading and of course I would want the queen of brows Karen Betts or her team to do them, sadly though with all clinics being so far away and funds being tight, this is one to go on the beauty wish list for the future.

Having a beauty qualification myself (spray tan therapist) I do understand how great it is to offer a service where you enable your clients feel more confident about themselves. There are so many great treatments of the market these days and every person deserves the opportunity to increase their confidence and enhance their natural beauty!

Having tried HD brows, Microblading is definitely something I will do at some point! To read full details about the procedure that Karen offers and her incredible charity work visit her website

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