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Christmas Manicure – Deep Red Wine with Rose Gold Glitter 

Hi Dolls

So that’s it, I’m officially on my Christmas holidays! Yay! So of course it’s time to prepare for Christmas. 

We all love to feel groomed on the special day with freshly manicured nails so I thought I would share with you how I decided to do my xmas nails! 

So I can’t afford to go to the nail  Salon to  get my nails done nor do I think I need do as I have all the kit to do it at home and costs next to nothing once you have your lamp and basic kit.

My uv lamp recently died so on just purchased a new one from eBay for about £10 and it works a treat and my nails are lasting well over a week with no chipping.  

I’ve been using a brand of UV Gel called Blue Sky which is about £6.50 a bottle for years. It was £5.50 a bottle until recently so when it went up in price I starting researching other brands and found a product called Elite. 

After reading great reviews I ordered a few bottles and they are at incredibly cheap at less than £3 a bottle I was slightly sceptical at how good they would be. However I can tell you it is fab! I have since ordered a few more colours to add to my collection.  They do seem to take a couple of weeks to arrive though.

So for my Christmas manicure I have opted for an Elite base coat, with an Elite Red Wine gel polish and a blue sky rose gold glitter gel at the base of the nails.I love the contrast and it’s so so sparkly!

Next up its time to treat the feet to a little pamper…I think they are going to need it after the Christmas food shop I’m about to do! 

Thanks for reading and wishing you all a very merry and a super sparkly Christmas! 


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