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Morphe 35k Palette 

Hi Dolls, 

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and got totally spoilt! Everyone deserves to have fun and enjoy the big day and obviously a big part of Christmas aside from the family time is giving and receiving presents! 

So one of my fave gifts I got this year was from my Partners sister. She asked me what I wanted and I just wasn’t sure,  so on a whim suggested a morphe palette as I only have one – the 35T. So I was happy to add another to my makeup stash. 

The 35k Koffee palette is a gorgeous selections of cool toned smokey shades and neutral warm browns. And offers a great selection for day or night looks. 

All the shades are matte and having used a morphe palette before I know the pigmentation will be good, but I haven’t swatches this one yet as I don’t want to ruin it’s crisp clean look! 

What I love about this palette is that all the shades are wearable, and compliment one another beautifully. I’m not one for bright eyeshadows as it doesn’t suit me and frankly I’m too old so this is a great choice for those who like to play their eye make up fairly basic and safe, plus my make up skills aren’t that great either! 

Hopefully I will get some swatches up on my instagram and twitter soon as well as my other Christmas gifts 


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