New Year, New Goals 2017

Hi Dolls,

The new year is here and I’m settling into life in 2017! I had the most wonderful Christmas break with friends and family and took some time off my day job in Adult Education in the charity sector and from blogging and truly focused on relaxing and enjoying the festive period with loved ones.

At the end of 2016 like many others I also spent some reflecting on the year and how I wanted to move forward in 2017, so this blog is going to be sharing with you what I want to achieve or change in 2017 and it will also be a reminder to me to try to keep me focused.

The Dolly Rockin Beauty Blog

My Blog has just had its one year anniversary and its been a learning curve this year into the world of blogging. It was all totally new to me and as I have said many times before, the reason to start blogging was to find some time for me after having both my children to solely focus on some of my other passions and interests in life and re-engage my brain after having back to back pregnancies. It’s easy to feel insular and disconnected from the world when you have two children so young in age, and also close in age and a big proportion of your time is at home so its easy to lose touch with everything, but instragram and blogging gave me that link back into focusing my energy into something just for me aside from the important job of motherhood.

Lots of my posts for 2017 were reviews of beauty products, and I’m happy with that as I wanted to start off slowly and learn as I went along, but at the end of 2016 I started to blog about my fitness journey and other lifestyle posts so this is something that I really want to expand on, as well as general motherhood posts.

2016 as saw me working with a local dentists for whitening my teeth and this has been a really positive process to truly be able to work with local companies and review the services they offer and for me it would be great to expand on this and collaborate and research other beauty offers locally and share my experiences with you.

I am also going to be switching up the ‘look’ of my blog and really consider going self hosted so I can have more control over it and get it exactly how I want it to be.

2017 and me…

Okay so everyone sets themselves goals as the new year starts and I’m no different. So here are some of my personal goals and aspirations:

To become more organised and not always be in such a rush – this will always be a challenge as I’m always busy doing something or going somewhere, be it nursery drop off, childcare, working, motherhood or family activities but I feel more structure will make me feel so much less anxious.

To acknowledge that I’m doing the best I can – I think we can all be a bit hard ourselves and I’m my own worst critic. And that’s ok, but don’t let other criticise you, especially those who don’t even know you. It’s your life, live it how you want and make your own decisions and ignore negative people. Anyone who drains my positive energy or dulls my sparkle doesn’t need to be part of my life. I’m lucky that I surround myself with such amazing and supportive friends and family who I adore, and vice versa.

Focus on improving my skills – So this year I am embarking on a Teaching qualification and a Peer Mentoring qualification. It’s been a while since I have done some CPD so now is the time to invest in my career more.

Improve my quality of Sleep – ok so I have a very challenging 3-year-old that sleep has always been an issue for ever since she had a short stay in hospital. My partner and I always say she came out of hospital a different child and although it wasn’t a serious illness I think the whole experience gave her separation anxiety from just 9 months old.  I have had years on lying / sleeping on the floor next her cot, co sleeping and trying every trick in the book to try to encourage her to sleep on her own to no avail. And for the last 18 months I have had to sleep in her room with her each night and haven’t slept in my own bed!

She also wakes multiple times a night so my sleep is very disrupted and never comfortable as she always ends up with her legs across my chest or her feet in my face, or snuggled so closely that I can barely move! So this is the year I need to really try to change this permanently to enable her to feel safe and comfortable sleeping on her own.


I currently work with a great online fitness programme called Results with Lucy and 2017 I am looking to continue on this journey to achieve the body and fitness levels I want. In 2016 I made a great solid start on this and 2017 I am really hoping to try to improve the diet of not only me but my family too as we often eat far too much convenience food which is no good for any of us, and not to mention wanting to dramatically cut out refined sugars from our diets.

So that’s me, and some of my goals and I already feel very excited about 2017 and what it may hold for me and my family. My daughter starts school in September (sob sob) and my son will start nursery (more sobbing) so home life will become quite different, however I absolutely love watching both Millie and Riley grow and develop beautifully week by week and I can’t wait to make more memories with them….will I have another child?? To be continued….
Good luck and love to all for 2017 and their own personal goals…lets own 2017!

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