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2017 Changes and Challenges 

Hi Dolls, 

So the year of 2017 will be a one to note as so many things in my life will be changing. None more important than that my little girl will go to school and my little boy starting nursery.  Any mother will know this will push me to my ultimate limit in terms of strength finally letting both my babies gain some independence and be in other people’s care other than us as parents or with my mum. 

It’s a major big thing to trust in others when looking after your children and although nursery is a choice, it’s one I’ve held off with for as long as I can but I know from seeing my daughter grow and develop so much over the last few months since starting nursery it’s a really great thing to do, no matter how much it breaks my heart at times. She is only part time there and still spends days at home with me but sometimes you just have days where you just don’t want them to go in! 

What I have learnt though is that whilst keeping your children at home is great there is also so much benefit to letting them form friendships outside of their family home and that’s so important to let them learn independence skills amongst so many other things. My daughter does struggle with separation anxiety from me as we have always been extremely close and loving but this can also bring challenges as I also feel anxious when leaving her. I fear that I may feel this anxiousness return when the time comes to put Riley in nursery also and I will feel a sadness that the amazing first baby and toddler years at home together will have passed. How did it all happen so quickly?! 

I’ve made and met some amazing friends along the motherhood journey who I am truly grateful for and we all face different parenting struggles but collectively come together to support, laugh and cry together at times! You should Never doubt yourself that you are doing the best you can….Though I know we all do doubt ourselves regularly! But motherhood is damn hard work but amazing and my best achievement in life and that’s yours and nobody else’s! Own it! 

With both children being in school or childcare this means it will be a changing time for my career also and after recently being presented with an incredible opportunity to switch my career into working in the beauty and blogging world it was amazing but it just simply wasn’t the best thing to do for my family at this time in our lives.

September will probably see me working more days but shorter hours to make sure I can drop off and collect my children but still try and make the most of my time with Riley before he also starts school.  Luckily I have a very flexible job and they are so supportive but trying to plan the best hours for my family is challenging as it’s a good 45 minute journey from door to door home to work.  

As a family we also have goals like any other family, saving for a loft conversion, family holidays and spending as much time together as we can around all of our busy lives and somewhere in there we need to start thinking about hobbies and clubs for the kids too. Life already feels so hectic and 2017 looks set to be our busiest yet! 

So for now we are winging it with a rough plan and awaiting the decision on our school and nursery choices..the summer of 2017 will be bittersweet and no doubt very emotional. So i’m gripping onto my seat hard this year…it could be an emotional roller coaster. 


6 thoughts on “2017 Changes and Challenges 

  1. Great post. I remember feeling the same when my boys started school and nursery and when my eldest (now 13) was at nursery I also worked there and kids would come in crying for their mum but within a minute they were fine! The time passes so quick…mine are now 13 and 11 and it seems like yesterday they were at nursery! Lovely blog xx


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