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Lush Valentines Blogger Event & Haul

Hi Dolls,

It’s the time of year where everyone is happy to have made it through dry January and pay day has finally come, most of our resolutions have miserably failed (just me?!) but on the plus side it’s nearly valentines day! I was kindly invited along to another Lush Cosmetics blogger event to see their valentines product range bringing back some old faithfuls and som20170126_192740.jpge brand new products and as I couldn’t make it to the Christmas one I was absolutely feeling the love for this one!

Having been to a lush event before I wasn’t so nervous and I have met a few of the other girls from the last event I went to, so this ‘night in at lush’ didn’t seem so intimidating. Quite the opposite it was super relaxed, super fun and a theme of lurve!

We got to see all of the fab valentines products on offer of which there are quite a few and lots I had never seen before so I obviously couldn’t wait to hear all about them and give them a good old sniff! Lush stores are a sensory explosion with so many bright vibrant colours, shapes, textures and of course smells….oh the smell! Divine. So lets take a look at some of their valentines range.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar £4.25

First up it’s the return of the Unicorn Horn. With relaxing scents of soothing lavender and Neroli this lustre bubble bar smells scrumptious. Simply crumble the bubble bar under the bath tap to creative a bath of unicorn dreams. This product is a huge hit from my little girl who adores it!

Ladybird Bubble Bar – £3.95

This is a super cute little guy is filled with sweet geranium oil which helps to relax and also Peppermint Oil to add a bit of menthol into the mix. This little flutter bug will help you soothe away the day. Again it comes as no surprise that this little love bug is a big hit in my household.

Lover Lamp – £4.25

This soothing and relaxing cocoa butter bomb of love is a subtle fragrance I think but ingredients of brazilian orange oil and vanilla this is a lovely romantic bomb to end your day or chuck in the tub with a loved one on valentines….now where’s the wine and chocolates?!

Love Spell – £4.25

This organic fair trade cocoa butter massage bar is a perfect little gift for valentines. Filled with rich rosehip syrup and aloe this is sure to help your loved one feel super relaxed leaving their skin soft and nourished.

Over and Over Bath Bomb – £4.25

A new product for 2017 this over and over bath bomb is coated with cocoa butter lime and fennel bath bomb is sure to add some zest to your bath while it spins and rolls in Bath it gives off a hypnotic swirly display of vibrant pink, orange and gold.

Prince Charming

Well this shower gel smells incredible! I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy a bottle of this, so will need to pop back into lush to pick one up. I was given a sample pot and love it so much, so nourishing, a little goes a very long way and its shocking pink! Prince charming comes in 3 different sized bottles to suit your budget. it’s a nice luxurious treat for sure.


The night consisted of hearing all about the valentines products, networking with other beauty bloggers and some nibbles, fun and games along the way. It was all super relaxed and the Exeter Lush team put on a great event for us again. At the end of the night we got to have some shopping time and I took the opportunity to get some one to one lush product advice from Adam who works at Lush – what he doesn’t know about Lush products isn’t worth knowing. It was super helpful and I really chose my purchases on his knowledge and recommendations.

At the beginning of the night we also all picked a name out of a hat of someone else that was at the event and during the duration of the night we needed to try to get to know that person and find out what valentines product we would ‘gift’ to them at the end of the night – but it was all kept secret who we had….sort of! I was given a lovely Ladybird Bubble bar which was fab as I know both me and my kids would love that.

Lush also have a fabulous selection of valentines gift boxes for those looking for something extra special and splash out a little more on a loved one, or of course maybe just for yourself? Love thy self right?!


I made a handful of purchases, mainly bath bombs – but I also picked up a shampoo bar as I adore these and think they are not only fab shampoo’s but great value for money too. I also received a little goodie bag from the Lush team and both me and my children have very much enjoyed our Lush products – a lushy home makes our home a happy one!


I would very much like to thank the amazing Exeter Lush team for another great event. Your knowledge and enthusiasm and full support in the ethos and principles of Lush is all inspiring!

My Instagram will be showing lots more lush posts on the run up to Valentines. I’m saving my Lover Lamp bath bomb until valentines and will treat myself to an indulgent night in with a relaxing soak in the tub. My partners not really valentines so it will all be about treating myself to a little pamper.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to give me a follow on my instagram here to see other lush valentines products soon to be featured.

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