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Fab Brows Duo Eyebrow Kit *

Hi Dolls

I’m hoping 2017 is going to be the year that I get my act together and actually nurture and grow a decent pair of brows! 

Sadly in the 90’s when it was all the rage to have thin brows I followed the trend and plucked what little I did have into a very poor excuse of a brow! 2016 was the year where I have really resisted the temptation to pluck them so much and really believe that I can and will grow them back, but my lord is it a long process. So while I’m still on the painful and ugly path I need all the help I can get to fill in the sparse areas in between where the hairs are painstakingly growing back. Growing the hairs back is far more painful than actually plucking them! 

I tried so many brow products in 2016 and generally I would use pencils or pomades to get the shape but I 2016 was the year where I discovered a few great powder brow kits. One of the stand out kits for me is this one from Fab Brows 

Fab brows comes in a variety of shades to suit all hair colours and blend in well with your own natural brow colour and give you lovely fuller brows. It also comes with a great selection of stencil templates for you to get the exact desired shape if you find getting the right shape a challenge doing it freehand.

You may not think that powders would stay put all day but this actually really does work well at staying in place, it’s smudge proof, water resistant and sweat proof. And with two shades available in each palette it’s great for giving the ombre brow effect. It also comes with a brush to apply the product. 

At £20 I think this brow kit offers great value for money with a beautiful compact, 2 brows shades, an applicator brush and 5 different eyebrow stencils to suit your brows. 

Since receiving this palette I have used it most days and has become one of my top favoured brow products by far, and believe me I’ve tried most products on the market. 

To check out the other colour choices visit their website here

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