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Little Known Box January Edition *

Hi Dolls,

So we are still in the cold of winter and although I’m feeling so over it right now, however glimpses of spring ate starting to show but our skin and hair still needs lots of nourishment from the cold.  Little known box have come up with some winter saviours that we all still need to be using to look after our hair and skin in these cold months. The January box feels like a very nourishing box of items, with a big focus on products with essential oils in.

Little Known Box are so great at switching up the style of their boxes each month it’s always an absolute pleasure to discover what’s inside, whilst knowing all the while that products are very often vegan and ethical products from fabulous new and emerging brands, it’s absolutely true that I have discovered some fave new brands since discovering their boxes.

So lets dive in and see what goodies I received and what I have been loving, and what I am yet to try…first up lets talk about the brands I haven’t heard of.

Twenty First Century Herbs Skin Balm 

Wow now this little pot packs a punch! With ingredients of lavender, Calendula, sweet almond and macadamia the scent is really quite strong but you just know all those wonderful ingredients will only bring goodness to your skin. It’s a super creamy texture soaks into the skin a treat and with antiseptic, antifungal and anti inflammatory ingredients this is ideal for applying to many skin complaints and irritations.  Full Size is £9.95

Tabitha James Kraan 4-in-1 Conditioner
This award-winning british organic brand is a newbie to me and I was intrigued by a 4-in-1 product. From the packaging it looks like a really luxurious and great quality product and I have to say – it is! This conditioner would have to be one of my favourite products from the box. Now my hair is beyond dry right now and I often struggle to keep it in tip-top shape due to health reasons so when I find a product that my hair really likes I get very excited!

I used this as a nourishing conditioner on my hair whilst in the bath or shower and I did really cover my hair in this wonder product. I left it in for 5 minutes and each and every time I used it my hair felt so much softer and more nourished – even after I used a colour remover on my hair to strip out the dye – this conditioner brought it back to life and it felt better than it has in a very long time. I used it alongside a shampoo bar from Lush (the honey one) and it was a great combo. My only complaint would be that I ran out too soon! I need to purchase a full bottle but at £22 for a full size bottle its a bit of a splurge but a worthwhile one.

Ooharr Face Mask
Yup – you got it another great product – I’m very partial to facemasks and have one or two a week generally so I love trying new ones. I haven’t heard or tried Ooharr before so obviously this meant I needed to jump into a hot tub, slap a mask on and relax!

There is actually lots of product in these masks and I would struggle to use it all in one go so I used half and save the rest for the later in the week – perfect amount! The texture is thick and creamy and feels lovely on your face whilst chilling in the bath. After washing it off my face felt super clean, soft and refreshed and at just a crazy £1.20 each these are a great recommendation from me and I would definitely try the other masks from their range.

Tisserand Hand Cream – £7.95
Tisserand is actually a brand I am familiar with. I worked in a health food / organic produce shop for about 3 years and we had a small selection of natural organic skin care products and Tisserand was one of them.

With winter comes dry skin all over so we all know its important to moisturise  all over including our hands so this hand cream packed with essentials oils will not only restore some moisture back into our dry chapped hands but it smells pretty lovely too! I think if you’re not a fan of essential oils then this may not be for you as it is a powerful fragrance but I’ve been reaching for this hand cream on most days since receiving it and even using it up my arms and neck too! With this being a full-sized product and really generously sized too I should imagine this will last me until next winter!

Bee Good Cream Cleanser & Mini Cloth
Bee Good is a brand I came across in the later half of 2016 via other beauty boxes. It’s a welcome product for me as I’ve enjoyed using their other products and know I haven’t had any skin complaints from using their products. I’m also a bit cleanser crazy at the moment and probably have about 10 on the go but cleansers make my skin feel so super clean and nourished after a day of wearing makeup. This particular cleanser is made using ingredients such as British bees-wax, honey and propolis – hence the brand name. This cleanser not only removes makeup it also gently exfoliates, hydrates and smooths the skin morning and night. I would absolutely repurchase this product at just 4.95 a bottle

And finally there is a few bonus products included in the Little Known Box January edition. Rekze Hair Wipes and Shampoo and Conditioner samples.  I’m yet to use these products so unable to give my thoughts on these – and I’m more likely to hand these over to my boyfriend who has a few hair loss concerns these days.

The Little Known Box team have chosen a great selection of treats in this and every box! But this month especially is really catered around health, wellness and a good pamper that we all need through the cold months at the start of the year. Each month I really discover great new brands and there are also a few familiar ones coming in now too, so many of the products are full size its such great value for money. And this brand is really emerging on the beauty box market. If you subscribe boxes can also be tailored to your own preferences to enable to team to personalise your Little Known Box experience and they sometimes do limited edition boxes which are amazing! 

Check out Little Known Box to subscribe and discover a great beauty and lifestyle subscription box.

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