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Home DIY Hair Colour Remover 

Hi Dolls, 

I’m a girl that gets in the same hair colouring cycle each year. In summer my hair is often bleached of some sort be it highlights or ombre and with winter it see’s me reaching for the dark hair dye! This cycle seems to have been going on for about 15 years! 

So I’m once again bored of being so dark and feeling totally over winter, cold, wet rainy days and want to lift my mood and my hair colour. Now as I’m a part time working mum money is often an issue for me and I certainly don’t have the funds to regularly go to a hairdressers so I often dye my own hair using home box dye kits. 

This is all well and good but my judgement in colours can be off sometimes and I really don’t have a great understanding of all the dye numbers. So as I want to lighten my hair I thought maybe the best thing to do would be to try and strip out some of the build up of colour as my hair seemed to be getting darker and darker which I feel makes me look older and more tired…OK ok I am older and more tired but I don’t wish to enhance that! 

So I watched a tonne of youtube tutorials and reviews on people doing home hair colour removal with mixed results but I thought I would give it a go anyway. 

I picked up this colour remover from home bargains for around £3 I believe. It’s a 3 step process and it’s slightly unnerving doing it as I genuinely didn’t know what colour it would come out as as I have bleached my hair previously. 

After leaving the product on for the designated time I could see it was starting to strip the colour so I washed it off and then applied the buffer lotion provided and left it on as specified. Now this felt very odd indeed. Like my hair had had the life sucked out of it! I expected to see colour running out of my hair but surprisingly it didn’t at all and the water ran clear. 

The buffing stage is where I worried the most about what it may have done to the condition of my hair. So I literally couldn’t wait to shampoo it off and smother my hair in conditioner. 

Thankfully as soon as I added a conditioner I could feel the moisture coming back and my nerves started to calm! Phew…my hair wasn’t all going to snap off after all! Of course I jumped straight out the shower and inspected my hair colour…I was almost scared to look, however it looked ok! I would say definately on the copper side but I was happy with that as I like my hair copper anyway. 

By the time I had finished the process from start to finish it was dark outside so was difficult to see a true colour and I had to wait until morning to see the true colour. Thankfully in natural light I really liked the colour, although of course I still had lots of grey hairs. 

I was actually so amazed by how good my hair felt once dried and straightened it. Almost better than it had for I don’t know how long. It felt light and silky and I could tell that I must have had so much product build up on my hair. 

So here’s the results…

It gave me  nice multi-tonal finish and this meant I could easily pop in some lighter hair extensions too life the colour for spring whilst I go through a vey slow process of lightening my hair again as I do each year. Old habits die hard with me! I went on to lighten the front section and will slowly take it from here but resist going too blonde as my hair just can’t handle it 

The only downfall of this product would be that it is a little smelly, so use a well ventilated room and also it does state that you can’t use permanent hair dye on your hair for 4 weeks after stripping the colour. Though I haven’t really listened to this! 

So it’s a good result for me and if I felt I disliked a box dye I may do in the future, I would absolutely do that thencooour removal process again. There are lots of other brands on that he hi she market that do a similar thing but for just £3 I’m happy with the outcome. 

Next up….lighter hair for spring. For more beauty related posts follow me on instagram Dolly Rockin Beauty


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