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Results With Lucy Wobble to Model Fitness Update

Hi Dolls,

So I figured the time had come to share with you my thoughts on my  winter fitness programmes and general exercise. Now I talk about Results with Lucy a lot, and it’s with good reason, I simply love it!

I started off with the new Beginnings plan back at the end of summer 2016 and this was a 13 week plan which saw me really transform not only my body but my whole attitude to wellness ans exercise. So when I got offered the opportunity to continue on plan  to the Wobble to Model plan is jumped (jumping jacked) at the chance!

So lets look at how I looked when I first started my first plan – picture of the left is where it all began, middle photo is half way through the new Beginnings plan and the photo on the right shows me two days into the Wobble to Model plan.

For me I can see some good steady progress in those photos. Especially within the 13 Week timeframe it absolutely motivated to continue on to the W2M plan. This plan is an intermediate 6 week plan and I was super excited to get started. I did really well for the first couple of weeks and my Results were showing:

My stomach was getting so much firmer and I was loving the plan but then as my daughter started nursery suddenly my family and I seemed to get hit with bug after bug and it started to make working out a real struggle. This always happens when children first start school or nursery, they pick up every virus going and bring it home to do the rounds in their own home!

I didn’t ever stop working out totally but my consistency dropped as first priority in my life is the well-being of my children and making sure I’m there to look after them properly and if that’s means not working out then that’s what had to give. So in January after enjoying a fab family Christmas I restarted the plan and my results were looking promising for sure and I was ‘back in the game’ I had lost some definition and maybe become a little more  ‘squidgy ‘ shall we say but I could just about still see the hard work I had put in a month or so before.  As I had been doing the Results with Lucy plan as and when I could I think this really helped me and I knew I enjoyed it so much it was frustrating not being able to keep on plan but I’m a parent first before anything.

Once I started working out more regularly results started really showing very quickly this time so my core strength must have been pretty good and I know that’s just down to the amazing variety of workouts on the RWL plans.

I was on a role but annoyingly another rounds of germs hit the household and I was out of action again. So working out dropped to about twice a week. As soon as I could I upped my game again and got straight back into it but I felt with so much stop starting it was such a shame on a really good plan as I would have love to have seen it through a complete 6 week programme.

For me the plan is amazing and although I didn’t manage to keep to the schedule I enjoyed every minute of what I did manage to do and I can 100% say it works! It’s the only exercise I do other than running around after my kids, which I admit can be a lot sometimes but nearly all of the credit goes to the RWL plans.

Weight wise I have maintained a very healthy weight. At my lowest I dropped to 8st 13lb and my normal weight is sitting around 9 stone. I feel fitter, more confident I have definition in my abs finally and that was one of my main body goals! I am more interested in my health and wellbeing so much more now too and I now love cooking food.
One of the other things I love about RWL is the amazing female community of girls on the plans.  All soooo supportive of one another and inspiring too. I’ve started a fitness instagram page too now Dolly Rockin Fitness which I also think helps motivate and follow other Results with Lucy girls as well as other fitness related pages.

Coming to the end of this plan has been bittersweet as I’m so disappointed not to have done it the way I truly wanted to, however I’ve had so much encouragement along the way and I’ve had so many messages from people asking me about the plans too. However it has fully motivated me to start on plan again. The Wobble to wobble plan has now been extended to 12 weeks which is amazing and I would love to start again and do the whole 12 weeks as i feel the resukts would be incredible! Especially now the winter is on its way out I feel health levels in my household will improve and I can find a good fitness balance again and really focus on my fitness goals.

Working out with kids is again challenge, I don’t deny that, but it’s not impossible to do it around them if they are for and well. My children love to get involved with the exercise and jumping around the room, they think it’s great fun and who doesn’t want to be a fit family?! Infact RWL recently reposted one of my instargram videos showing me getting my kids involved in my workouts

To sign up to a totally fab Results with Lucy plan that meets your needs and fitness levels click here . Support, motivation and inspiration is everything when it comes to fitness and if you’re looking for an at home fitness plan that has the amazing support of other then look no further than Results with Lucy!

On a final note I’ve lost over 15″ in total, feel more confident and actually for the first time in my life enjoy exercising! See you soon guys and thanks for reading and don’t forget to give me a follow so you can continue on this journey with me. Also don’t forget to give me a follow on Twitter: @Dollyrockin and my instagram page: Dolly Rockin Beauty or my fitness Instagram page Dolly Rockin Fitness

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