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Gamiss Winter Fashion Haul *

Hi Dolls

I’m back with another fashion & lifestyle post, and today it’s all about my haul from Gammis who I was kindly offered to choose some products for review. In case  you haven’t heard of Gamiss before – they mainly focus on fashion but it also caters for accessories, Beauty and kids too so it’s a great place to good a wide selection of items all on one internet order. They are an online based retailer and I haven’t ordered anything from them in the past so wasn’t sure what to expect. On arrival of my order I would say the  quality is on a par with Primark, some things being better quality than others but over all for the price pretty good!

So lets look at what I ordered, starting with fashion first. There is a big trend right now for bell sleeves which I adore. I think it’s super feminine, flattering and is going to be a big look for spring. As I am big busted I feel bell sleeves help balance me out slightly and I’m all for that! I ordered this shirt envisioning it would look fab with some ripped jeans and a leather biker jacket.


I wouldn’t say the quality is fabulous to be honest but like I said on a par with Primark. The style however I love and wish I had ordered a slightly bigger size as the cuts not quite right for me due to my bust but it’s workable and I’m hoping to lose weight anyway, it gives me something to aim for!  Click here to shop


Like every other woman, I’m totally obsessed with rose gold right now. So of course I needed to add a watch to my accessories and rose gold love! This is a great watch for all year round but I think it will look fab in the spring and summer when I have a tan, its a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be but actually that’s one of the things I really like about it. I have had so compliments about this watch when wearing it. It really comfy to wear and I totally love it.  Click here to shop.

Being a busy mum I am often out and about with my kids and sometimes it’s not practical to hold a bag by hand, so a cute back pack is a great option to still be able to carry around the essentials of snacks and drinks etc for the kids whilst being hands free and practical. I’m really loving metallic, gold and rose gold colours now so this bag is ideal to keep it on trend yet practical. Click here to shop

Active Wear
2016 was the year that I got into keeping fit and for me apart from seeing results, one of the other ways for me to feel motivated to work out is by having some great new active wear. I am building a good selection of active wear now but what I love is all the vibrant and digital prints so these galaxy style yoga pants are perfect for my style! These feel super slinky when one and are nice and light weight yet still keeping everything sucked in and super comfy to wear whilst working out. I have had a ton of compliments about these pants and I Love them! Click here to shop


One of the big crazes over the winter months has been the knitted mermaid tail blankets and my daughter absolutely loves mermaids so of course I had to order her one. This blanket absolutely exceeded my expectations, it is beautiful! It’s so soft and warm and actually although it’s a child’s one it is actually big enough for me to use so I’m super happy too. I love the colours, its warmth and of course the fact that my daughter loves being able to snuggle up watching a movie with me whilst having a mermaid tale blanket. Truly, if you haven’t got one of these yet, you should! Click here to shop



I have really enjoyed my first shopping experience with Gamiss and they are constantly running great promotional offers so now is the perfect time to get a new spring wardrobe sorted. I will definitely be ordering from them again soon. To check out their full range of products visit their site here: Gammis.

One of the things I have enjoyed the most is about being able to order such a wide variety of products to order from one site. They have some super cute children items so next up I might order some items for the children and see how well they wear.

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