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My Botox – Wrinkle Reducing Injections Experience With Exmouth Facial Aesthetics

Hi Dolls,

If you follow my Instagram Dolly Rockin Beauty then you will know that I recently had wrinkle reducing injections on my forehead to ease the central frown lines so I thought it would be great to blog about my experience and show the results and talk about the clinic I went to.

Now I’m pretty confident in saying that we all have that ‘one thing’ we aren’t happy with 20170316_125721.pngwhen we look in the mirror and for me mine is my harsh frown lines. I subconsciously frown a lot and therefore often look angry or grumpy and I hate that! I’m actually a very happy person! To others they might not have noticed my frown lines but to me it’s always what I  would change and preferably want gone, so having tried many different creams to no avail I felt Botox would be the way forward – I did have it once last year as a birthday gift so I knew I liked the results.

Now deciding to go for wrinkle reducing injections isn’t something to be taken lightly, it is after all a very toxic substance and of course I absolutely did my research before having it looking at the pro’s and cons and decided it would offer the most desired result of ridding me of my frown. So let’s look a little further into just what exactly Botox is and how it works – I should also say at this point that I sometimes refer to it as botox in this blog as it’s a more widely recognised brand of wrinkle reducing injections, but the brand I used was: Azzalure.

Botulinum Toxin – So what is it?

  • Botulinum toxin is more commonly known by the name Botox. It’s a protein produced by the neurotoxic bacterium Clostridium botulinum.
  • Botulinum toxin blocks neuromuscular transmission and effectively paralyses and relaxes muscles for a limited period of time.
  • Botox is most commonly known for cosmetics procedures but can also be used to aid the reduction of sweating etc.
  • Botulinum toxin is actually one of the most poisonous naturally occurring substances in the world. Hence why now professionals are pushing to get it regulated that only qualified staff administer the treatment with absolute knowledge and professionalism.
  • Botox has only been used in cosmetics procedures since 2002 where they started to use it in America and of course it become such a hit it soon came over to the UK and had women lining up in the hope of cheating time and looking younger, but now men are also embracing the needle as male grooming has hit an all time high.

Botox – The Risks

There are some small risks of having a botox treatment which can include:

  • flu-like symptoms – including a headache – for the first 24 hours after treatment
  • bruising or Pressure – on the injected areas
  • temporary weakness and droopiness of your facial features – for example, eyelids or eyebrows may droop temporarily.

Now there are so many people who offer ‘botox’ but I think it is paramount that you only use qualified medically trained practitioners who are able to prescribe their own toxins and work within the parameters of the guidelines issued to ensure safe and effective treatment that is both legal and appropriate for your needs and you can feel confident that you are in safe hands with a fully qualified professional. I can’t state that point enough!

Take time to find a reputable practitioner who is properly qualified and practises in a clean, safe and appropriate environment. Botox and other wrinkle reducing brands has to be prescribed, so if the person you are getting botox from isn’t qualified in prescribing medicines then you really should be asking yourself and indeed them where and how exactly they are getting their botox, after all you are about to inject this into your face! Some people get around this as legally, the prescriber can delegate the administration of the injections to another person, but they are responsible for ensuring it is given safely. And personally for me, now I have done so much research I would only want qualified professionals such as doctors, nurses or dentists carrying out my treatment. Which nicely brings me onto to who I used for treatment.

Where did I go? – Exmouth Facial Aesthetics20170319_203921.png

For my Botox procedure I chose Exmouth Facial Aesthetics, I had heard really great reviews about Lisa at the clinic and I have followed their page on facebook for ages. Click here to view their page. Exmouth Facial Aesthetics recently opened their own clinic room due to how popular their wrinkle reducing treatments had become so I felt it would be a fantastic time to go and view the clinic for myself and try a procedure. As a blogger I think it’s great to visit local professionals and review their services and share my experiences.

Know Your Practitioner

During my first initial chat and consultation with Lisa she gave me some background on her which for me was really interesting and reassuring to hear about all of her credentials. Lisa is a registered nurse who qualified in 1995 at Musgrove Park Hospital, Somerset and obtained a BA (Hons) degree in adult nursing in 2010 ( Plymouth University ) going on to further qualify as a nurse prescriber in 2015.

Whilst working as a nurse practitioner in a Minor Injury Department (NHS), she developed an interest in facial aesthetics and pursued a  botulinum toxin and dermal fillers course under the international accredited Professor Bob Khanna at the Dr Bob Khanna Training institute in 2015. Since her training Lisa’s Exmouth Facial aesthetics business has gone from strength to strength and her customer reviews on her facebook page are a testament to this.


The Procedure

First off I went to meet Lisa for a consultation to talk over the possibility of wrinkle reducing injections and I really wanted to go along and view the clinic and talk to Lisa about her clinic and professional history and get a feel for the place. I was really impressed with the bright clean space that is welcoming but also has a very good clinical feel to it its clear that it used well as a sterile clinic which is safe to administer wrinkle reducing injections.

So after meeting with Lisa and seeing the clinic, I booked in to come back the following week for my treatment and I was super excited to proactively do something to rid me of my frown lines that I knew would be effective.

When turning up at your appointment you will complete a medical history form and you will have your full consultation where Lisa will highlight any risks or side effects and talk you through the procedure and then you will obviously need to consent to the treatment.

I had a before photos taken – with my natural resting face and then a photo frowning. It’s always a good idea to take before and after shots so you can refer back to them to see how well it’s worked. Lisa asked me to frown to see where my muscles were and then marked points of where to inject with a pencil.


Then once that is done simply lie back and try to relax. This maybe easier said than done, but for me I didn’t find this scary as Lisa totally put me at ease and I trust her completely and felt I was in very safe hands.

The whole injection process doesn’t really hurt as such just a little uncomfortable maybe, some people may bleed  – I believe I did a little but nothing major at all. The whole process maybe takes 15 minutes max and then as long as you are feeling ok, you’re all done!


Lisa gave me an after care card which gave me a brief summary and timeline of things I should avoid and we booked in for a 2 week post botox check up to see how things were progressing.

My Results  

Botox can take up to 2 weeks to work which is why you should always have your check up at least 2 weeks after treatment. For me I started to see some visible changes fairly quickly I think, by day 4 or 5 it was noticeable to me, though maybe not to others. I could still frown but it was becoming harder to do so each day that passed. Then on about day 11 I suddenly realised  that I couldn’t really frown much at all  and I could really start to see some good results.

I think when I look straight on in the mirror then my frown lines have diminished loads and I love that, after all it was the main objective of having it done. I do still however still have a raised section of skin which must be my muscles that is still visible looking side on if there is a slight shadow cast on my face and I don’t think that will ever go but overall it’s really great!

When I went back for my check up, I explained how I thought that I had seen a big improvement especially face on but I hadn’t appreciated just how big the improvement was until Lisa too my ‘after shots’ and then sat me down and showed me a comparison – the results were actually amazing especially on full frown mode!

img_20170322_172654_208.jpg   img_20170322_172548_317.jpg

Image on the right shows my relaxed face before and after and right hand image is frowning before and after. I think the results look great!

Here is my full results 3 weeks after treatment, I feel happier, less self conscious pleased with my results, after all we are all our own worst critic:


How much will it set you back?

The price of wrinkle reducing injections depends on the clinic. Lots of clinics charge in terms of how many areas are being treated. Exmouth Facial Aesthetics prices are as follows:

Wrinkle reducing injections are charged per area and is
1 area – £150
2 areas – £220
3 areas – £280

Exmouth Facial Aesthetics also offer dermal fillers and cost £225 per 1.0ml syringe.

However new customers can get 10% off their first treatment at Exmouth Facial Aesthetics if you quite ‘Dolly Rockin Beauty’ when booking your treatment.

How long does it last?

The length of time it lasts will vary from person to person, but you would hope that it will last 3-4 month and if your lucky then longer than that! It depends on area you have the treatment, the amount of product used, how your body deals with it and strength of muscles in your face. For me last time I had it done elsewhere it really didn’t last much more than 10-12 weeks I would say, so hopefully this time it will last longer so I will keep you posted via my Instagram.

Would I have wrinkle reducing injections again?

Damn right I would, I love the results. I would love for my lines to go 100% but I’m not sure they ever will and I bet nobody notices them like I do anyway! I’m not sure whether I could afford to get it done religiously throughout the year as I may need it up to 4 times a year and that could be pricey but they do say the more you have it done the better your lines and wrinkles become anyway. But let me be clear, I absolutely would if I could afford it and maybe later in life when my wrinkles are more visible I will!  However I think twice a year could be achievable for me, I figure I could put aside a set amount of money each month that I wouldn’t really miss and this could be my main beauty / pamper treat. I do my own nails, generally dye my own hair and do my own spray tans so a girl needs one pamper treat right?!

I say love yourself, treat yourself and do what makes you feel happy and more confident. Be the best you that you can be as nobody can be a better you than you.  Don’t let others judge you for your decisions, for they my dear; are yours to make.

Do I recommend Exmouth Facial Aesthetics?

Yes I do highly recommend a visit to Lisa if you are local to Exmouth or Devon, with her newly opened clinic, her knowledge, expertise and welcoming manner, everything has been a pleasure to experience and ultimately I am happy with my results and so interested to see how long they will last for me.


This is the only clinic I know locally that is solely there to offer these procedures. Lisa recognised the need for a professional, but friendly and discreet clinic to offer a full facial analysis and assessment by a medically trained practitioner enabling her to provide safe and subtle enhancements to your face using the correct selection of dermal fillers and botulinum toxins. She also welcomes in other experts into her clinic to offer her patients some more complex treatments.

Lisa credits the growth of Exmouth Facial Aesthetics to “being able to get to know the clients individually and assessing them using a holistic approach to find out the best form of treatment which is suitable for their needs. Once the treatment is performed she offers a full follow-up service to check the clients’ progress to ensure they are happy with the treatment provided. Customer service and experience is so important, after all the biggest complement is your referral”


Final note…

So if you are thinking about getting botox then I really hope this has been insightful for you, and if you are local then why not visit Exmouth Facial Aesthetics Facebook page and Instagram to see some before and after photos of her work and read some great reviews and keep an eye out for the new dermal treatment fillers that Exmouth Facial Aesthetics will soon be offering.

I love to be able to review local services that enhance what you were given and things that improve your self-esteem. It’s important to feel confident and content within your skin!

Thanks for reading dolls, for more beauty related posts follow me on instagram Dolly Rockin Beauty

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