Little Known Box – February Spa Edition

Hi Dolls

Although we have started to see a little sunshine in March and February I have still been feeling like its chilly and snuggly nights in are still firmly on the agenda. So February Little Known Box being a Spa theme box is perfect for a pampering night in!


Miss Patisserie Bath Melt -£3.00

Miss Patisserie make beautiful handmade products with natural ingredients. I would have to say I let out a little squeal at how cute this bath melt it, it really does look good enough to it! I got a vanilla one and its so gentle on the skin, I shared this with my daughter and our skin felt amazing and I would love to try some other products from the wide selection of products.


Medusa Makeup Mascara – Approx £9.95

Medusa is a brand new brand to me, and little known box is great for introducing me to great new brands every single month. Like every other girl I am always on the never ending obsession of finding a wonder mascara that will give us the lashes we are dream of!

I love the packaging, and for me personally I much prefer rubber wands over bristle wands and they really do give so much more definition. This mascara has been a lovely one to apply and does give some much needed added length to my currently stubby lashes.


MONU Skin recovery balm  (full size version £27.50)

This balm is a new unknown brand to me, this is one of the reasons I love this box…I always discover new products I like. MONU create skincare products in cheltenham spa. MONU Skin recovery balm is to be applied every morning and night is helps sensitive and stressed out skin and suitable for all skin types.  They do a whole range of products which I would be intrigued to try. I’ve been using this and so far no breakouts and does actually work well under makeup.

EcoCare Rose & Chamomile Organic Facial Wipes – £4.99

Ecocare is a brand I know, and was glad to receive these facial wipes as I just knew they would be soothing and gentle to my skin. There is a slight fragrance to them, which I’m not wild on but they do take my makeup off well and leave my skin feeling clean. They are super thick, they actually remind me massively of texture of huggies baby wipes! I know this sounds strange but they really do, they ae so thick, they almost slightly pull on the skin and actually this works really well to remove even the stubborn of makeup.

FRUU Lip Balm – £2.99

FRUU are fairly new UK brand making a lovely selection of scented lip balms, this has become a much used and shared lip balm between. Me and my daughter! We love it, I had the coconut flavour sent which is great as I love all things coconut! However they do lots of other flavours so it’s worth checking them out and they are super affordable.

Finally there was a bonus item, of which there are often bonus items. This month was a hair and body bar from a company called Friendly soap.

Little Known Box are such a great emerging brand for Beauty Boxes and are now gathering a real buzz and excitement on social media and rightly so. They include such a wonderful carefully chosen curation of products from little known brands which are often organic, cruelty free & vegan friendly products.

Using the code DOLLYROCKIN20 will give you 20% off any order (subscriptions, one-off boxes and prepay plans) It’s valid until 30.04.17 so why not check out what they have to offer at

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Happy spring Dolls…enjoy the sunshine!


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