Royal Coffee Scrub

Hi Dolls,

Now who doesnt love a good pamper and scrub up in the shower? I love body scrubs for giving me super soft and nourished skin and also giving a perfect base to apply a tan. 

Coffee scrubs were fairly new to me until last year, but now I’m rather in love with them. I recently got sent royal coffee scrub to review some of course I couldn’t wait to jump in the shower and get a lil bit messy! We all know that coffee scrubs make a hell of a mess in your shower but sprinkle a little water around after your done and it just washes away! 

Royal Coffee Scrub is an all natural and organic body scrub which is crammed full of essential oils and also of course helps to exfoliate your skin leaving it soft and smooth and smelling good enough to eat! 

This is a chocolate orange coffee scrubs and I have to admit chocolate orange scrubs are one of my fave flavours, so I knew I would love this. 

The scrub itself is coarse enough to gently exfoliate the skin but this coffee scrub has been ground to a finer texture compared to some others I have tried so it is still actually really gentle on the skin and does the leave you all red afterwards. It has essential oils to help soothe and lock in moisture and leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. 

This scrub is said to be supercharged with antioxidants that protect against skin damage and free radicals. Ingredients include Coffee Arabica Seed Powder, cocoa, orange oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and almond seed you can certainly see and imagine how good this smells. 
Coffee Arabica Seed Powder is said to help boost skin by improving moisture, elasticity and improves circulation therefore leading to better moisture retention so this is going to be ideal for the spring / summer months ahead. 

Coffee Robusta Seed Powder defends against photoaging and supports skin’s natural structure and the caffeine in this scrub is meant to help restrict blood vessels which lead to tighter and brighter skin and helping to temlorarily banish pesky cellulite. Though I have to be honest….give me something that banishes it for good please! 

Jojoba, avocado, almond and orange oils all work together to moisturise the skin, boost collagen, brighten and rejuvinate the skin,  leaving it feeling super soft and smooth and smelling scrummy. The cocoa helps to protect against free radicals and they say slows down aging…if that’s the case I need a bath full of this stuff!! 

So in summary I think this is a lovely scrub to use, it’s blend is smoother than some others I have tried which makes me think this would be great for sensitive skin who don’t want a coarse scrub but still want a gentle exfoliating body scrub with all the benefits and leaves you smelling amazing. 

This is a large pack that will last for ages so for £9.95 I think that’s a really reasonable price as you would get some many uses out of this. I have used this scrub 3 times and barely dented the packet! 

To shop the scrub click here 

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Happy spring Dolls…enjoy the sunshine!

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