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Sexy Hair Bright Blonde Shampoo *

Hi Dolls

As summer is fast approaching it’s time to think about brighter clothes and lighter hair! Every year I seem to go through the same routine of lightening my hair up for summer, it just makes me feel better having blonder hair with a tan. So here’s the time I start reaching for the bleach and actually the process has already begun! 

My preference would be to treat myself to a salon visit and get a professional job done but having 2 young kids often means I just don’t have a spare £100 for such a luxury and I turn to box bleaches and hope for the best! It’s a longer process and I do tend to sit on the brassy side of the fence as there is so much warmth in my hair and I just don’t understand what toner I would need, so I know a purple shampoo and conditioner will at least help the situation gradually. 

I recently got sent Sexy Hair’s Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo to review and this is perfect as my hair is looking too brassy for words and I’m in need of some help with my Locks!

This blonde Sexy Hair is said the banish brassy tones which is infused with violet pigments to help rid you of those unwanted yellow tones when lightening your hair or you hair tends to go brassy. With ingredients of Chamomile, Honey and Quinoa it’s no wonder it makes my hair feel incredible. 

I have tried a few purple shampoos and I often find that they often dry out my hair but I have to say this makes my hair feel wonderful, I’m talking mega here soft guys! I can tell after rinsing it out it feels like I’ve really cleaned my hair, but yet it almost feels conditioned too! I’m guessing that’s down to the soothing ingredients and all the goodness it’s putting into my hair, as God knows it needs it right now, I’ve put it though quite an ordeal recently of colour stripping and highlighting multiple times. My poor hair wasn’t feeling it’s best. 

This shampoo is ideal for blonde, highlighted or silver hair.  It helps to restore moisture leaving hair feeling more hydrated while protecting colour vibrancy. The gluten free protein of Quinoa helps to condition deep within the cortex for stronger, healthier-looking locks. Violet pigments , marigold extract and vitimins A&C help to ensure unwanted brassy hues are cancelled out and your hair feels brighter and lighter! 

Without a doubt this is a fantastic violet shampoo and well worth the investment. I have been pairing it with another brand of violet hair products for my conditioner, but I absolutely want to buy the conditioner to go with this now and try other products in the range too. They also do hair tools! It’s a big bottle and will last me maybe a couple of months I would say, and it can be purchased for £13.95 from various beauty sites such as Beauty Bay or Look Fantastic so if your in the market to turn your yellow toned hair into a bright blonde then this shampoo from Sexy Hair is definately worth a purchase. 

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Happy spring Dolls…enjoy the sunshine!

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