Fizz-Ay Bath Treat Box *

Hi Dolls,

There’s a new bath and treat box company exploding and fizz popping it’s way onto the bath bomb market – Fizz-Ay and they were kind enough to send me a treat box to enjoy!

This kind of box is one where the pictures do the talking so lets take a look at what’s inside;

In the treat box I got sent it consisted of 2 bath bombs, one gorgeous soap, 2 tea light candles to enjoy with your bath, a shower cap, a sherbet dipper and a fruit tea!

It all comes beautifully packaged and really does feel like a pamper box and everything smells amazing

The flavour bath bombs I sent were lovely and both quite relaxing and refreshing flavours. A lavender and mint and a cucumber and melon.

The soap also smells amazing and I’ve used it a few times already. and I think its going to last for ages. Its a really creamy consistency. I have also already used the cucumber and melon and Lavender and Mint bath bombs. The cucumber and melon was so lovely and refreshing and turned the water bright green much to the delight of my daughter of which I shared the bath with! She was desperate to try one. The lavender and mint one is my favourite of the two. Its heavenly, it turned my water a really creamy purple and was so nice to relax in. I actually stayed in the bath for an hour!

So, how does it work? Well Fizz-Ay offer a few different options so it’s worth checking out their website to see what’s on offer but basically you can build your own treat box and the prices are fab! Here’s an idea of their boxes

There are a great range of flavours of bath bombs and soaps available so you really can tailor your box to your fancy. What woman doesn’t want to treat herself to a nice pamper after a long day at the office / looking after the kids or just generally living a hectic lifestyle.

Thank you Fizz-Ay for sending me one of your launch treat boxes, they are super lovely and I wish you every success and recommend them as a lovely treat!

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