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Proactiv 3 Step Skincare Review *

Hi Dolls,

Skin care is the talk of todays post – Proactiv to be specific. I’ve been using this for a good couple of weeks now and I really wanted to share my thoughts with you.

So, I kindly got sent their 3 step skin care treatment and at first I wasn’t sure how it would work on my skin and if it would help my troubled skin or whether it was just a really big marketing campaign that gets endorsed by celebrities such as Katy Perry and Georgie Porter. So to say I was a little sceptical was a fair assessment!

My skin isn’t great, it never really has been.  I don’t suffer with acne or rosacea or anything but I do get blocked and enlarged pores and suffer from large blemishes that can take months to heal. I got diagnosed with being hypothyroid a couple of years ago and one of the many things it affects with me is my skin giving bad breakouts with super sized and angry spots and non existent ability to heal quickly.

This doesn’t happen all the help time but I have big flare ups that last for months and this can be so self-confidence shattering and make me feel really unattractive and self-conscious.  Like I say, I’ve never been blessed with amazing skin as I’m just not that lucky, my skin is patchy, pale, large pores and combination and uneven skin tone. Hence why I always wear Foundation.  It’s like my mask of confidence and I never leave the house without it!

So when I was given the opportunity to review Proactive Plus I was delighted to give it a shot and see if it could help me out in an area where my confidence is very low. So lets take a look at what I got…

This is the 3 step treatment which involves using 3 different proactiv products morning and night and it’s actually a super simple skincare routine.

Step 1 Skin Smoothing Exfoliator – Facial Cleanser

To start off you use the Skin smoothing exfoliator which I absolutely love. I love to use this is the shower to start the process of removing any dead skin cells ready to give myself a great base for my makeup application and I night I use it in the shower to take it all off again. There is no scent of colour to this cream, it’s a creamy cleanser which is formulated with salicylic acid which I love to use anyway as it works great on my skin.

Although creamy this has got a slightly coarse texture which is tiny jojoba beads, glycollic acid and a skin brightening complex which is great for removing the dead skin and leaves my skin feeling really clean, fresh and smoother. You really don’t need much – approximately a coin sized amount and my skin has taken to it really well without a single flare up from me. Sometimes when I try new products – which lets face it, being a beauty blogger – trying new things is frequent, I never know if it’s going to irritate my skin.  But Proactiv has been a 100% positive experiences for me!


Step 2 Pore Targeting Treatment Facial Cream

After exfoliating you move into step 2 which is the pore targeting treatment which you apply to a clean dry cleansed and exfoliated face and work it into tour skin until no residue is left. It’s a lightweight non-greasy formula which again has salicylic acid in it which helps to clear the blemishes and also prevents new ones from developing – and I can really vouch for this. I have had so many less blemishes since using this 3 step system.

I also contains botanical ingredients of honeysuckle, liquorice and aloe vera which help to calm aggravated skin and really help to soothe it. I noticed that within a week of using proactiv that my skin had dramatically started to clear up and look so much better. The pore treatment also has a mattifying agent in it which helps to give the skin a more even complextion and minimise pores.


Step 3 Complextion Perfecting Hydrator Facial Moisturiser

The final step is the complextion perfecting hydrator which is the moisturiser which has all the benefits of a cream but almost has a gel like consistency. It works to combat dryness and improve texture and tone. it’s super gentle on my skin and feels really lightweight and not greasy at all and soaks into my skin quickly and effectively. Like the other two products before this, it also contains salicylic acid to rid you of any blemishes and leave you with a glowing even skin tone.

This product works well to complement the two other products in the 3 step treatment and I use this morning and night. Sometimes I may add an added moisturiser to my skin care routine to give it that extra boost of moisture.


As part of the package I got sent a mask was also enclosed as a little bonus. I have only used this a couple of times, but again I really like it and will continue to treat myself to proactiv masks on pamper nights!


Now this 3-step process needs to be done morning and night, and sometimes I can be a little lazy or too tired to do a full skin care routine. But I have to say, after using Proactiv for just a week I was so incredibly impressed with the results that I have recently been so much better with ensuring that I do a good skin care routine morning and night….with the occasion lazy day!

Now I’m not being paid by Proactiv to write this blog post, I was sent these products for review but man, I am glad they did. I will absolutely purchase Proactiv with my own money. My skin hasn’t been this clear in ages – and I’m taking years here guys! I did have little blemishes that pop up now and again, but as a blogger you try out so many products, its kind of just how you have to roll with it, knowing that some things will irritate your skin, and of course hormones play a big role for me and my hypothyroidism. So lets take a look at where we started, and where we are at now:

IMG_20170602_212754 IMG_20170601_224233

For me I think the images speak for themselves on how well proactiv has worked for my skin. My blemishes have pretty much gone, my pores feel smaller, my skin feels so so much better overall. I’m delighted!

I’m about 6 weeks into my 3 month treatment, and I really couldn’t ask for much more than the results I have had. I’m still not feeling quite confident to step away from the foundation, but maybe with a tan and at the end of the 3 month course I just might!

As a woman in her mid to late 30’s skincare has become so important to me, and I really think I have found something that suits my skin perfectly and really deals with the skincare complaints I had. When I do get blemishes they don’t last for very long at all – thanks to the salicylic acid (wonder stuff) I really feel like I am beating the skincare battle that I have had for years!

So I hope this has been insightful for you, if you have problemic skin then I absolutely recommend that you give Proactiv a shot. I just wish I has tried it sooner now. Visit proactiv to see their full range of products or click here to shop the 3-step kit that I have been using and loving so much! All the kits are on offer, so its a great time to buy!


I would like to say a big thanks to Proactiv for trusting in me to review their products fairly and honestly, and I’m so glad I did. ITs literally skin confidence in a bottle!

Proactiv will be part of my skincare routine for the forseeable future, and while they are just £19.99 for a months treatment or £29.99 for 3 months I will be topping up my kit!

Thanks for reading Dolls, don’t forget to check out my instagram here for more beauty and lifestyle posts! You can also find me on Bloglovin

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* PR Gift. These products were sent to me for review purposes, all opinions are my own


2 thoughts on “Proactiv 3 Step Skincare Review *

  1. Your skin looks gorg! I’ve been aching to try Proactiv as well as I have cystic acne flare ups every now and then, but I never trusted it because it was endorsed by so many big names. This definitely convinced me! Great review! You have a wonderful writing style. Just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m in love. Liked and subscribed.
Check out my blog sometime?
    Have a good day!
    Mena 🌷


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