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Tria Age Defying Laser Update & Review *

Hi Dolls,

Earlier this year I got sent a Tria Beauty Age Defying laser to trial and I did a first impressions blog on this little gadget but I wanted to follow it up with a results post today. I believe with products such as these that are a luxury item I feel that you should really give the product a full testing before giving my final thoughts.

So lets take it back a step at the beginning of my journey; As my skin is aging far more rapidly than I would like I felt that it was really the time to ramp up my skin care and I now know I should have actually started looking after my skin much much sooner than I did.  Prevention is absolutely the key. Sadly my investment in skincare just wasn’t there  as much as it should have been and I didn’t value the importance of looking after your skin….until 2016 where after investing more time into blogging I really started to see the real benefits of skincare and the vast amount of products out there.

So what’s the claim? 

“With the Tria Age-Defying Laser you can treat multiple signs of aging, restoring your skin’s natural radiance. The Tria Age Defying Laser is a true revolution in personal skin care because it gives you professional anti-ageing laser treatment results through short, simple, daily treatments in the comfort of your own home. the laser light stimulates your bodies own natural renewal process, regenerating cells and producing new collagen.

The result is more youthful-looking skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles, a more even colour and a smoother texture. Proven over a decade of clinical use and favoured by dermatologists, laser skin rejuvenation treats multiple signs of ageing safely and with better results than traditional anti-ageing creams and lotions. you will have visible results in as little as two weeks”

What’s included…

The Tria Age defying laser arrived really well packaged, it feels like an expensive piece of kit – as let’s be fair it is! But I will get to that later. It comes in a box with sleeve and a user manual, charger, charging cradle and of course the Age Defying Laser itself.  So far so good, it’s all looking promising. As far as first impressions on the look ans feel of the product it’s doing a good job for itself and I was excited to give it a try for the first time!

How to use the Tria Age Defying Laser

Before using the Laser is does actually say to read the instructions carefully and watch the ‘How to use’ video on Trias website. You need to ensure the laser is fully charged before first use.

  1. Prepare –  First off you need to prepare your skin, so you need to wash and dry your face. Tria do say for best results then you should use their Tria Priming Cleanser to make the laser most effective as it removes all makeup and sun screen etc as anything left on the face can block the laser light, however I don’t have any of their specific cleanser so just use one of mine existing ones which seems fine.
  2. Treatment Level – Remove the laser from its charging cradle and turn it on and select the desired treatment level – medium, low or high. I of course started on low ad will gradually work my way up to high.
  3. Treat your Skin – You divide your face into 4 zones (see image above for zones). Each zone should be treated for an equal amount of time and the device will prompt you when its time to move to the next zone…so you need to concentrate as you don’t want to overdo it!
  4. How to use – To start using the laser, place the laser tip flat against your skin and slowly glide from side to side to cover the entire zone. Believe me you will feel it when it starts working! It rather took me by surprise at first!
  5. Settings – For the Low setting each zone should be lasered for 30 seconds, for the medium setting its 1 minute each zone and for the high setting its 2.5 minutes so it can be a super quick process of 2 minutes or a maximum of 10 minutes depending on the setting.
  6. Post Laser – After you have lasered I would highly recommend a serum or rose water spritz – as believe me your face will be tingling!
  7. Treatment cycle – Tria recommend that you do the treatment in the evening so it will give your skin chance to renew over night and for the redness you may experience to calm down over night. Tria recommends an 8 week course of treatment

Tria Programme Recommendations

Tria recommends that you use your laser once a day for 8 weeks, but does state that you may see visible results as soon as week 2! After the 8 weeks of lasering has passed they recommend a 4 week break to allow for cellular collagen regeneration. Then after this you can start the cycle all over again. So basically it’s a 12 week cycle.

Using the Tria Age Defying Laser – My Thoughts & Results  

My skin type is combination, and inevitably I do have some fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead as I’m now galloping towards my 40’s at a much faster rate than I would prefer. I do also have some enlarged pores and I do suffer with blemishes still. Unfortunately I suffer with thyroid issues so it does mean for me that my skin takes much longer to heal and my blemishes are often large and scar. However that being said, I have to say I believe that the Tria laser has helped with all of these issues. I dont think it will ever stop me from getting blemishes as that is part of an illness I live with, but the fine lines and wrinkle and evened skintone I absolutely saw a marked improvement! Hurrah! so lets look at before and after images…brace yourself, I’m bare faced!

The first image (top left) is me and the start of the treatment. The had some nasty scars and visable lines and I genuinely wasnt loving my skin at all. The second photo (top right) shows my skin after 2 weeks. I think there are some visible improvements start it to show and my skin is gradually starting to feel better. Week 6 (bottom left) is where I really started to see clearer skin, evened skin tone, and a much fresher more youthful appearance. This was starting to look very promising! Finally week 12 well…I never thought I would say this but I now would consider going bare faced sometimes in public! This would never have been an option for me before. I hide behind a mask of foundation as a rule. 

Ok, so I will still have bad skin days. Absolutely, I always will that’s normal. Hormones and thyroid will always throw that curveball in but I can genuinely say that with the right balance of skincare products and this Tria Laser I have managed to find maximum results for putting in the effort. It does take time, sitting and using a laser each night, there is no denying that. However for me it’s totally worth it. My skin felt so much more Even, fuller and I’m hoping this is down to more collagen, I had less noticable fine lines and my scaring had almost disappeared. That for me was incredible. 

I have to say using the Tria as instructed was a challenge at times as sometimes I am just too busy to sit and do a full Level 3 treatment (my fave but most uncomfortable setting). So I maybe didnt use it quite as often as I should but when I really did perserve and be strict with my routine I think its where my skin really started to look healthier. Of late I fell out of the routine of it and really need to do another full cycle and I’m hoping each time I complete a 12 week cycle my skin should just continue to get better and better. 

Tria do sell a specific eye wrinkle reducing laser which I would defiantely consider after seeing these results as I did find the Age Laser quite tricky to navigate around the fine lines by my eyes. So a much small version sounds great to me as my fine lines around my eyes are absolutely an area I want to continue to focus on improving. 

However sceptical I was initially I’m now faced with the results and you can’t deny the improvements shown above in my bare faced images. But also where I’m loving the results is when I apply makeup also, as my skin feels so much better make up application is equally so much better and looks more flawless and for me that’s amazing as we all know I love makeup! 

The Tria Age Defying Laser is clinically proven and created in collaboration with dermatologists and plastic surgeons that use the exact same technology as professional clinics and salons except for you get to do it sat at home chilling out and watching TV or relaxing on your bed. 

At £450 direct from the Tria website it is a lot of money to lay out but great news, for a limited time Tria are currently offering £100 off the Age Defying Laser! As stated in my first impressions post, I was sent this product for review purposes but I wasn’t paid for either of my blog posts and all my opinions are 100% my own.

Thanks for reading Dolls and hope you all have a wonderful day. Don’t forget to check out my instagram here for more beauty and lifestyle posts! And Also find me on Bloglovin

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