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Little Known Box – Summer Edit Box July 2017 *

Hi Dolls,

Well where has our summer gone? The sun may be hiding from us and tricked us into thinking about an early Autumn but fear not…summer arrived in the form of a beauty subscription box this month….Little Known Box!

July saw little known box released their Summer Edit Box and let me tell you it was a welcome ray of sunshine into my life! Receiving a box from Little Known Box. always puts a smile on my face, it’s always such a carefully thought out selection of products that are chosen with the seasons having a heavy influence on each box.


So lets take a look at what’s included in the LKB Summer Edit!


Merumaya Youth Preservation Moisturiser, Travel Size, 10ml  – Retail Price : £14.50

I love discovering new moisturisers and this one from Merumaya hasn’t disappointed. It comes in a travel size which is great for really giving a product a good trial before you commit to full purchase. It’s a nice formula that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and it is full of ingredients to help battle fine lines & acne and packed full of antioxidents and an SPF 15 this is a really good all round moisturiser. I have to say it also smells so good too, i think I would happily purchase a full size version of this moisturiser. I’ve tried a few Merumaya skin care products and I think they are a fabulous up and coming skincare brand and definitely one to try.



Cougar Beauty 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick, Full Size, Retail Price : £6.99

I’m absolutely a nude / neutral tones lipstick kinda gal and one that loves liquid lipsticks so this is a winning combination for me! I’ve got quite the collection of liquid lipsticks and the formula and consistency changes so much from one brand to another.
This liquid lipstick from Cougar Beauty is a thin consistency, but wow does it have good pigment and colour pay off. It applies really well and really does lend itself well to go for an over lined lip if you want that cult fuller lip look – which I do love! It’s super quick drying too so you need to work with it quickly, but it really is good and I’ve been impressed and now I want the whole collection! If you use the code LKB50 you can get 50% off their 24 hour liquid lipstick 5 piece set – now that’s a good deal!
I love the colour – Cocoa, its quite a brown toned nude and its a good all year round kind  of colour, its long lasting, doesn’t smudge or come off when eating and that’s exactly the qualities I look for in liquid lipsticks.


Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam, Travel Size – Retail Price: £3.99

Move over dry shampoo, there’s an amazing contender on the block to aid those of us that simply don’t have the time to wash our locks every day. Zerreau towel off shampoo is ideal for those of us on the go, and those of us that are festival goers! this is a handy travel size which makes it ideal to pop into your bag for an ‘on the go’ freshen up and this should easily see you through the weekend.
The scent is incredible – coconuts – one of my fave scents for a hair product and actually it just smells like holiday in a bottle! It’s shampoo in a foam formula and doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky, just feels cleaner, fresher and generally smelling incredible!


Odylique Pink Lip Liner, Full Size – £12.50

Lip liners are amazing, I think they are the key to giving a really defined fuller lip. I also love to use lip liners to do an ombre lip and I genuinely think that with a little bit of over lining you can look like you have a really full and juicy pout.
This Odylique lip liner is a beautiful colour and has a really creamy formula with great pigmentation, I would happily wear this colour all over my lips with no lipstick! It last really well and feels like a good quality lip liner. Odylique is a brand I have enjoyed from LKB before and I really recommend this lovely lip liner.

Merci Handy Face Mist, Full Size – £4.00

I would love to say we have had a scorching hot august, sadly it hasn’t been the case and I haven’t yet had the opportunity to really use this product on a hot summers day.  Having only given this a quick spritz to test it, I can say that it has a lovely refreshing feel to it, and it leaves a slight sheen to the skin, its not a dry aresol and I have no doubt that this would be a welcome item to discover in your bag on a hot day in the office!


Its no secret I’m a huge fan of this subscription box and I’ve been reviewing their monthly boxes since the early days and its been a pleasure to see the brand go from strength to strength. As I’ve said before; To me LKB is the best box on the market within its price range and their wide selection of products which are more often than not ethically sourced really do introduce to a new way of loving beauty and skin care.  If you haven’t checked them out before then I really think you should! Using the code DOLLYROCKIN20 will give you 20% off any order (subscriptions, one-off boxes and prepay plans). So check them out at

This month LKB are giving their subscribers the opportunity to select one of the product colours, this is a first and an exciting development for the Box, I’m super excited to see what the August box has in store…Don’t worry their will be a full blog post but maybe try it our for yourself and grab 20% off code.

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* This box was gifted to me for review purposes but all opinions are completely honest and my own.


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